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Major Spoilers through the end of Tryant's Law by D. Abraham

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:15 am
Post subject: Major Spoilers through the end of Tryant's Law by D. Abraham
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Things are finally coming together! Now we can see why all these characters were chosen as narrators.

Master Kit and Marcus Wester spend a good portion of the book wandering the jungle in search of the sword that will kill the spider goddess. They are practically starving and the people who know where the sword is don't want them to find it, but of course they eventually get it.

It is full of some sort of poison which makes whoever touches it sick. They try to keep it on their mule, but it makes the poor creature so sick that eventually Marcus has to carry it and it has really negative effects on him.
They finally get into the temple of the spider goddess (they really travel EVERYWHERE in this vast world, mainly by foot, yet somehow it does not take them 30 years) and try to kill her only to find out. . . she's a stone statue.

There is no spider goddess. There are spiders in the blood and the priests seem to believe she exists, but the main key of the story is that the spiders hate dragons and view the Timinzae race as dragons. They will do anything to eradicate the Timinizae.

Which brings us to psycho Gerder. He has fallen in with the head spider priest and does everything the priest wants. The priest does have the power of words--anything he says will be believed--so we don't know how much of it is Gerder being psycho and how much of it is the spider priest's influence. Bottom line, though, Antea and Gerder are trying to take over the world. As they conquer city after city, they take all the Timizae children to prisons in Antea and force their families into slavery. Currently there is a major Timzanie city/fortress holding out. They are only able to hold out b/c they refuse to send anyone to parley. The conquering is a direct result of the priests using their power of persuasion on whoever comes out to parley. They always convince the person to open the gates.

Cithrin has been living in a Timzanae city, learning the banking trade from Isandau, a Timzanae woman. Antea and Gerder are on their way to this city, Suddapal, and people are getting scared. Suddapal is finally conquered and Isandau and Cithrin set up a big network of people who are getting the children out to safety. Isandau must flee, but Cithrin uses her friendship/one night stand with Gerder to gain immunity. Gerder orders the protector of the city (Fallon Broot) to let Cithrin operate her bank with immunity, which means she is able to smuggle out hundreds of TImzane families.

Gerder decides he needs Cithrin, so he heads for her. She is planning on taking on the role of his lover to help save more people, but at the last minute she (with the help of Yardum) decides she can't do it and flees the city. Gerder arrives and is shocked she left him. He really believes he loves her and has even asked Jorey for advice on women. He decides to hunt her down. We can only imagine what he is going to do when he finds her.

While all this was happening, Marcus and Kit find their way to Suddapel and Cithrin. Marcus and Yardem make their peace with each other. They tell Cithrin and the others about the priests being able to tell when someone is lying and being able to make people believe whatever they say. This helps Cithrin set up her bounty system as a double blind so no one really knows anything.

They set it up so an imaginary guy (Callum Cane I think) is putting the bounty out for live Timzanie, dead Anteans and priests, and a dead Gerder.

Someone makes a play to kill Gerder and it does not go well! A spider priest is cut and all his spiders spill out and go inside the attacker. The attacker becomes another spider priest, basically. Not good!

Marcus and Kit leave Suddapel and go searching Antea for the person sending letters to the bank, detailing what's going on in Antea.

That person is Clara!

She's living in a boarding house, and finally beccomes Vicen Coe's lover. She goes around gathering information from everyone and secretly sends it on to the bank. She doesn't know why and never tells the bank it is from her so no one ever finds out who is sending the info.

She also sets up a plot to alienate Gerder from his advisors. She ends up getting the Lord Marshall killed and sends Gerder even further over the edge of sanity.

He turns to Jorey to be his new Lord Marshall, which means Clara can no longer live in a boarding house. Her family is suddenly important again. This sucks because she just found love with Vincen Coe, but she can't be shagging a young huntsmen if she is going to be a respectable widow of the court.

Also, one of Clara's son's has been initiated as a spider priest.

Marcus and Kit decide they have to find what Gerder's expeditions are looking for. An adventurer who Cithrin met earlier in the series has convinced Gerder that he can find a dragon. Marcus and Kit finally find him in the frozen north with the otter people. He gives up the hunt, but Marcus and Kit know there is more going on.

The book ends with Marucs and Kit finding and waking a dragon. The dragon's first words are "Stormcrow?"

And thus the book ends. . .

But!!!! If you have an e-version keep reading! There is a short story that has some big revelations about the dragons! This particular dragon pissed off one of his brothers, so his brother created the spider people. Not quite sure why. This dragon created the Timzane people to fight off the spiders. The Timzanae have scales that can close off every orafice, making them the only race that can keep the spiders out of their blood! Whoa!

Also, the Drowned were doing something for the dragon that created teh spider people, but we aren't sure what. In fact, they are still doing projects, but no one knows what.

And Drakkis Stormcrow is a woman!

This is going to get good.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:04 am
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Thanks for writing this up C baby...I know I will need to consult it when the next book comes out. It is shaping up nicely...really liked the end. And Cithrin better change her identity fast, yikes! lol
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