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LoC 50-51 (FRR)

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:05 am
Post subject: LoC 50-51 (FRR)
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LoC Ch. 50 "Thorns"

Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build. Will explain when see you next. Do not bring girl. Too Pretty.


Herid Fel's fateful last message. Rand will never again see him alive. Min keeps the message and it is perhaps the catalyst to her later research into the nature of the Seals and Last Battle. Belife and order DO give strength. Remember the Dark One's directive: let the Lord of Chaos rule. At every turn the Shadow is fomenting chaos. The rift in the Tower, which was a Shadow directive, the unending summer causing famine, Graendal and Sammael's actions and even the plot at the end of this book. All designed to destroy belief and bring discord. Clear the rubble-- Break the Seals. They'll break regardless ~ four have already. The reason they have degraded so quickly (3000 years a good bit of time but they were meant to last forever) is they were only made with saidin and more importantly they were made unlinked, so multiple weaves/webs patched together.

"Maringil, white-haired and blade-slim and cool as ice, was going to die by poison. Colavaere, her more than handsome face calm and collected once she learned Aviendha was not with Rand this time, would die by hanging. Meilan, with his pointed beard and oily voice, would die by the knife. The future carried a heavy toll for the High Lords of Tear. Aracome and Maraconn and Gueyam were all going to die too, bloody deaths, in battle, Min thought. She said she had never seen death so often in one group of people."

Now there's a group of people nobody will miss. Who says RJ doesn't kill people off?! That viewing will be fulfilled over multiple books with the first couple happening in a couple chapters. Ten days pass, Rand declines two of Coiren's requests for audiences but accepts the third. The plan is to give Coiren two audiences at which point Merana's "six" will arrive. Rand intends to use Coiren's embassy to receive favorable terms from Salidar. Not sure if Rand is being a fool or not. It's hard to say what he could do instead. The ambush on Demira Eriff and subsequent confrontation really force Rand's hand and drive him back to Cairhien. The Shadow was masterful in setting this up. Behind both the ambush and the plot from the White Tower. As the Great Captains say though, no battle plan lasts beyond first contact.


I love RJ, but do I really need to read about Perrin's marriage problems? I know it ties into later events especially in books 8-11, but I don't really want to think about that either. He's an idiot, she's jealous, the entire situation is absurd. Final result, Perrin's so sleep deprived he's practically hallucinating (that's what marriage does to you) and he hasn't seen Rand in days, which is just one more nail in the coffin...

LoC Ch. 51 "The Taking"

I remember reading this in my bedroom in 1994. It chilled my blood then, and sends chills up my spine now. Starts off with the chapter icon for Black Ajah and then the title is "The Taking" -- perfect. I think I knew bad things were in store, LoC prologue reveals Black Ajah in Elaida's embassy, along with Min's visions, the Salidar embassy -- everything. But I was still caught by surprise.

"Rand's lip very nearly curled before he could stop it. They really did think they could buy him.
"A pity your [Green] sister is not here today," Galina said.
His eyes whipped from the serving women to her. All three Aes Sedai were staring at him intently. How could they possibly know about Alanna?"

Well, Galina doesn't know about Alanna, though it's natural that it would be Rand's conclusion, she thinks it's Moiraine come back from the "dead" claiming another Ajah. *triumphal trumpeting* If only that were true -- though come to think of it, you're not gonna be around 'Lina.

"There was no time for wondering, though; almost at the same instant, his skin began to tingle.
Fury leaped inside him, and in Lews Therin too. Rand seized saidin nearly out of Lews Therin's teeth. White-hot rage roiled along the boundaries of the Void, and contempt, as he glared at Coiren and Galina and whoever the third was. Coiren's soft round jaw was set with determination; the other two actually smiled, eagerly and not at all pleasantly. They were as much fools as Merana and that lot.
The shield sliding between him and the True Source was like the closing of a sluice gate; the flow of saidin vanished, leaving only the filthy residue of the taint. Beside that, the air seeming to turn solid around him from his ankles to his head was as nothing. That shield mad his eyes bulge; it was impossible. No three women could block him from the Source once he had taken hold of saidin, not unless they were as strong as Semirhage or Mesaana or...
He reached for the Source, battered at the invisible stone wall, harder, harder. Lews Therin snarling like a beast, clawing frantically. One of them had to be able to reach saidin; one of them had to be able to break a buffer held by only three."

I think RJ got inside my head or maybe I was just so far in the tank for Rand. I was thirteen at the time and he was my hero. Whatever the reason, my eyeballs bulged too, it was horrifying and impossible. Rand or Lews Therin *had* to be able to break through, of course they couldn't though. RJ doesn't mention Rand using his angreal though why wouldn't he? Not that it would make a difference against....

"The block had only been in place moments, when one of the serving women stepped up beside Galina, and Rand felt the blood drain from his face. Four sets of eyes in four ageless faces examined him.
"It is a great pity that it came to this." In those calm, rolling tones, Coiren might better have been addressing a gathering than one man. "I very much wanted you to come to Tar Valon on your own, but it became obvious you only intended to put us off. I suppose that you have had some contact from those poor fools who fled after the Sanche woman was stilled. Did you really believe they could offer you anything? As against the White Tower?" She actually sounded disappointed in him.
His eyes were the only part of him that could move; they slide toward the serving women, busy around one of the chests. It stood open, and they were lifting out a shallow tray. Some of those faces looked young, but the others...They were all Aes Sedai, he was sure, the five young women only new enough that they had not yet assumed the agelessness; five to look at him and lull his suspicions while the others hid their faces. Fifteen Aes Sedai. Thirteen to link and weave a shield no man could break, and two to bind him. Thirteen to...Lews Therin fled sceaming.
Galina plucked the Dragon Scepter from Rand's hand, shaking her head over it. "I am in charge now, Coiren." She never even looked at him; he might as well have been part of the chair. "It was agreed, if it came to this, the Red Ajah would take charge."
Handing the Dragon Scepter to the other black-haired woman in gray, she said, "Put this somewhere, Katerine. It might make an amusing souvenir for the Amyrlin."
Red Ajah. Sweat oozed down Rand's face. If only the Maidens outside would walk in now, Wise Ones, Sulin, anybody who could scream a warning, rouse the palace. Thirteen Aes Sedai, and Red Ajah in charge. Had he been able to open his mouth, he would have howled."

Not Red. Black. I'm reminded of a quote of RJ's, it was hmmm...yes from the KoD tour...

"(he wanted to show that the) 'man on the shining white horse, the man who is the only hope, he can only do what he does because of the help of then thousand other people.' He wanted to portray that Rand has to be at the Last Battle to win, but he cannot be the ONLY one there."

No Moiraine. No Mat. No Egwene. No El/Avi/Min. No Nynaeve. Not even a Perrin or Loial. He faced the Aes Sedai alone. Almost every time Rand fights completely alone, he fails. The plan worked perfectly. Arrive and continuously channel inside the manor to lull suspicion. Do the set up with the chests and serving women to lull suspicion. Gradually have Aes Sedai arrive individually, so as not to attract notice. Traveling didn't save Rand--he went off alone regularly, so when he disappears, no one thought anything of it. They only made one mistake:

"Sorilea had lived a great deal longer than any of those Maidens, longer than any other Wise One, weak in the Power or not, and she was uneasy. Like most men, Rand al'Thor went when he wished, where he wished--men were like cats in that--but this time, at the same time he was flitting off, Min had vanished somewhere between the tents and palace. Sorilea did not like coincidences, no matter how many surrounded the Car'a'carn. Wrapping her shawl against a sudden feel of chill in her bones, she hurried on toward the tents."

They should never have taken Min. Of course, Aes Sedai arrogance being what it is, they probably figured nothing could stop them now. One last thing, Rand imprisoned in the basement of Arilyn's manor:

"He reached, and felt at the invisible wall cutting him off from the Source, slid along it as though trying to find an edge. What he found was a place where the wall seemed to become six points; they stopped him as effectively, but they were six, not one, and definitely points."

"He felt at the shield again, softly, so they would not feel. Six points. Six soft points, somehow. That had to mean something. He wished Lews Therin would speak again, but the only sound in his head was his own thoughts sliding along the void. Six points."

Six points because they aren't linked. They are individually shielding him, which is the difference between one thick piece of metal and six thin sheets layered on top of each other. It makes the shield weaker and more vulnerable, less precise, but they don't know that.
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