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LoC 46-47 (FRR)

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Post subject: LoC 46-47 (FRR)
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LoC Ch. 46 "Beyond the Gate"

Perrin has to do what many of dread, meet with the in-laws! Perrin, in typical fashion, is a boor but Bashere is hilarious- I like Bashere and I wish he had more on screen time.

" 'The fact of it is, I am not really a lord. I'm a blacksmith. You see, when the Trollocs came..." He trailed off because Bashere was laughing so had the man had to wipe his eyes.
"Boy, the Creator never made the Houses. Some forget it, but go far enough back in any House, and you'll find a commoner who showed uncommon courage or kept his head and took charge when everybody else was running around like plucked geese. Mind you, another thing some like to forget is the road down can be just as sudden. I've two maids in Tyr who would be ladies if their forebearers two hundred years ago hadn't been fools even a fool wouldn't follow, and a woodcutter in Sidona who claims his ancestors were Kings and queens before Artur Hawkwing. He might be telling the truth; he's a good woodcutter. As many roads down as up, and the roads down as slippery as the others." Bashere snorted hard enough to make his mustaches stir. "A fool moans when fortune takes him down, and it takes a true fool to moan when fortune takes him up.' "

I think Bashere is trying to tell Perrin to stop bleating like a sheep whenever someone bows or calls him Lord Perrin. I love Bashere's little history lesson and the fat that RJ's secondary and tertiary characters can be so dynamic. Right before they head out to see if Faile and Deira have killed each other yet, Bashere gives Perrin what might be considered a third age westlands proverb:

" 'One thing you have to be aware of. Just because a woman says she believes something, doesn't mean it is true. Oh, she'll believe it, but a thing is not necessarily true just because a woman believes it is.' "


" 'When you two were together, I saw those fireflies and the darkness stronger than ever. Um. I like melon punch. But with the two of you in the same room, the fireflies were holding their own instead of being eaten faster than they can swarm, the way they do when you're alone. And something else I saw when you were together. Twice he's going to have to be there, or you...' she peered into her goblet so he could not see her face. "If he's not, something bad will happen to you." Her voice sounded small and frightened. "Very bad.' "

Maybe the darkness is just Shaidar Haran's/Moridin's B.O. and the fireflies are freshness crystals? The "two times" Perrin has to be there are rather vague and indistinct. The first could possibly be Dumai's Wells and the second aCoS, or WH, or KoD- so many bad things have happened to Rand that it's had to judge, and remember MIn didn't say it wouldn't happen if he was there.


Demira Eriff of the Salidar embassy and Brown Ajah gets ambushed and there are so many red flags that you'd think RJ was using replacement refs.

"The Palace Library might hwell have some information about the Seals on the Dark One's prison, perhaps even catalogued sources, though that might be too much to hope."

Not a red flag, but shows shat she's researching. Later, Elaida and to a lesser extent, Egwene, are researching the Seals and Last Battle and seem to believe they are the only ones, but everyone is doing it.

"Turning away form the gate, her eyes chanced to meet those of a tall, lean-faced fellow in a carter's vest who was gazing at her much too admiringly. When their eyes met, he winked!
She was not going to put up with that all the way back to the inn. I really must remember to have some plain dresses made, she thought, wondering why she had never done it before. Luckily, she had been in Caemlyn before, some years ago, and Stevan would be waiting at The Crown of Roses, a bracon she could use to guide her if it came to that. She slipped into the narrow shaded gap between a cutler's shop and a tavern."

Extremely suspicious ( or as Scoobie would say - Rut-Ro!) Aes Sedai aren't prone to sucuddling off when men leer, not to mention, she's a blood Domani! If it looks like compulsion, sounds like compulsion, if it feels like compulsion...

"She had not seen anyone at all before she rounded a corner to find five or six Aielmen coming toward her, laughing and talking among themselves.
They seemed startled to see her.
"Pardon, Aes Sedai," one of them muttered, and they all pressed against the side of the run, though there was plenty of room. Wondering if they were the same who had followed her--one of those faces looked familiar, that of a s squat fellow with villianous eyes--she nodded and murmured thanks as she started past.
The spear going into her side, and she was down in the dust. That remembered face was thrust into hers, black eyes mocking, growling something she ignored as she tried to reach saidar, tried too...Darkness closed in."

I don't know where to begin. Demira appears to be very befuddled, which is consistent with having some form of compulsion applied (remember Morgase's mental fogginess). She's in a dark alley with five or six "Aiel" and she doesn't at least embrace saidar? I know some Aes Sedai are over confident but the reputation at least "savages" should have at least made her think. Very un-Aiel like behavior as well. They are wary of Aes Sedai but they don't mutter and they don't act furtive. I know this is one of those scenes that most fans probably remember because it stuck out so much, but in the rereading, it's somewhat shocking how obvious it is. One last thing:

" 'Tell the other witches to stay away from the Dragon Reborn' "

Yeah...Aiel don't refer to Rand as the Dragon Reborn. So obviously a set up deal. I didn't mention or quote it but there was also a man that showed up at The Crown and Roses to "warn" the other Aes Sedai what was happening. The leading candidate has to be Taim. Rand just warned him off from dropping a few Aes Sedai in their traces. One thing Taim is known for, in LoC and beyond, is trying to drive whatever wedge between Rand and any channelers not his own he can. Many times the "obvious" choice is a red herring, so it could be something else entirely. Mr squat black-eyed villain called them witches. White cloaks and almost everyone else calls them witches, so that's no help.


"What I think," Merana began, but Verin cut her off.
"In a moment, Merana. Demira has the right to first suggestions."
Demira's breath caught as she waited for the explosion. Merana always seemed to want her decisions approved by Verin, which was natural enough under the circumstances, if awkward, but this was the first time Verin had simply taken charge. In front of others, at least. Yet all Merana did was stare at Verin for a moment, lips compressed, and then bow her head. Demira wondered whether this meant Merana was going to resign the embassy to Verin; there did not seem anything else she could do, now. All eyes turned to Demira, waiting. Verin's were particularly penetrating.
"If we want him to worry over what we intend to do, I suggest no one go to the Palace today. Perhaps without any explanation, or if that is too strong, with one he must see through." Merana nodded. More importantly, as things were turning out, Verin did as well."
Nobody can stand up to Verin, I think she's manipulated everyone she ever set out to. I'm glad she's on our side (kinda). Interesting that deferring once to Verin in public completely breaks Merana's authority. It's not as if Merana didn't know. She mused to herself about this possibility and what she would do when it came. The Tower's social pecking order/power structure seems a bit barbaric to me, though part of the problem is Merana, from the start, wasn't invested with what you might call proper channels of authority. She's selected from a group of rebel Aes Sedai, but she was sent even before Egwene was raised, so no Amyrlin. It's too bad really, she seems to be the only one who is really interested in mediating some kind of accord with Rand. The others...don't seem as open to suggestion you might say.

LoC Ch. 47 "The Wandering Woman"

One of the dangers of remembering things through rose-colored glasses is you forget what they were truly like. For instance, I had forgotten what an obnoxious hoyden Elayne is:

" 'You have a ter'angreal," she said without preamble, and without looking at him. She just glided along, rustling the leaves on the ground, as if she expected him to heel like a hunting hound. "Some hold that ter'angreal are rightfully the property of Aes Sedai, but I do not require you to surrender it. No one will take it from you. Such things need study, however. For that reason, I want you to give the ter'angreal to me each evening when we stop. I will return it each morning before we start out."
Mat gave her a sidelong look, she was serious, no doubt about it. "That's very kind of you, letting me keep what's mine. Only, what makes you think I have one of these...what did you call it? A ter-something?
Oh, she did stiffen up at that, and looked at him too. He was surprised not to see fire leap from her eyes to light up the night. Her voice, on the other hand, was purest crystal ice.
"You know very well what a ter'angreal is, Master Cauthon. I heard Moiraine speak of them to you in the Stone of Tear."
"The Stone?" he said blandly. "Yes, I remember the Stone. A fine time we all had there. Do you remember something in the Stone that gives you a right to make demands of me? I don't. I am just here to keep you and Nynaeve from getting holes poked in your hides in Ebou Dar. You can ask Rand about ter'angreal after I deliver you to him."

I can't believe Elayne really thought she could dazzle Mat with bullsh*t. Ironically, with the Tower's policy that 'all objects of power (ter'angreal, angreal, sa'angreal) are property of the Tower,' in the AoL, the Standing Flows, insured that non-channelers could use almost any ter'angreal. What would they thing of that? Horror comes close to the mark me thinks. Elayne starts doing her "inspections" of Mat's men just to try to get him into the habit of doing what she tells him to do, and I suppose if she can transfer their loyalty her, then it's an added bonus. Add to that all five of them randomly channeling at him without so much as a by your leave, and you have....well I don't know what you have, but I think flinging poo crosses the line:

"when something soft hit him squarely between the shoulders, with the smell of horse dung in his nostrils he spun around, ready to chew a hole in a stableboy or one of So Tehar's sullen-eyed louts, knife or no knife. There was no stableboy and no lout. Only Adeleas, busily scribbling away in her little book and nodding to herself. Her hands were quite clean."

Yes, the foxhead medallion doesn't stop indirect use of the One Power. But then, we already knew that from Rahvin BBQing Mat's boot tops with lightning in tFoH. I'm not feeling too bad about Adeleas at the moment. In fact crimson thorn sounds quite refreshing really. Quite refreshing.

First look at Ebou Dar:

"His first impression of the city was white. White buildings, white palaces, white towers and spires. Domes like sharp white turnips or pears often bore bands of crimson or blue or gold, but mainly the city was white, and reflected sunlight til it almost hurt his eyes. The gate the road led to was a broad tall pointed arch in a white-plastered wall so thick that he rode in shade for twenty paces before emerging into the sun again. It seemed to be a city of squares and canals and bridges, large squares full of people with fountains or statues in the center, canals broad and narrow with men poling barges along them, bridges in every size, some low, some arching high, some big enough that shops lined their sides. Palaces with thick columned porticos stood alongside shops displaying rugs and cloth; houses of four stories with huge arched windows hidden behind louvered shutters stood beside stables and cutlers and fish mongers."

I love RJ's penchant for description, especially landscapes or cities down to the smallest detail. In my mind's eye, I have a panoramic view or perhaps an arial view that makes the colors, smells, and light pop like I am really there. It's something I miss, no other author can quite do it, Brandon can't, but luckily, in eleven books, the wealth of description allows for almost everything to have been mentioned at least once, which allows me to conceptualize in a way that's true to RJ's original vision.

The Ebou Dar story arc...hmm it feels unique in a way. Almost like the last breath of cheer or hilarity before hell on earth. After it, the story takes a much darker tone, granted while its going on, other plotlines are getting darker and a lot of bad mojo is going on, but when its officially over, in CoT, those are the end days as the storm winds of Tarmon Gai'don rage. Of course, you could say we've been on the outskirts of the Last Battle since the beginning of the series. We've always been much closer to the end that the characters are willing to believe. In fact, Jordan confirmed that Tarmon Gai'don proper has already started, it's only in aCoS that the characters actually start to realize it.


The Wandering Woman - the most famous inn in tWoT outside of Winespring? Certainly the only one to be used as a setting for four sequential books - though I could be wrong, I can't remember if we see it in tPoD, considering that Mat is under a brick wall, so to speak. Important to the story? Just ask Mat's dice:

" 'Mistress Anan, I feel like I've come home.'
The odd thing was, the dice had stopped rolling in his head."
Carai an Caldazar! Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande!
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