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LoC 40-41 (2012)

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:16 am
Post subject: LoC 40-41 (2012)
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LoC Ch. 40 "Unexpected Laughter"

Thom and Mat make an extremely odd couple, but it works and hilarity ensues. There's a certain chemistry involved where Mat's scenes without Thom don't seem quite as good and vice versa. Thom treats Mat to the story of the The Lady and the Bootmaker, which I might add is 100 times as humorous as anything Brandon has done concerning boots. It's rather endearing in a way, Mat raging about the wonder girls and Thom telling him that that won't work. That's Mat to a T though, yelling that he doesn't care and then he's kicking in the door and running into the burning building.

"I want you to stop thinking you're going to make them do anything. They've decided what they are going to do, and you can't change it. But maybe--just maybe-- you can help me keep them alive."

"Crazy old man! No, he was not crazy. Egwene was mule stubborn, and Nynaeve made her look biddable. Worse, either would climb a tree to see the lightning better. As for Elayne, noblewomen never had enough sense to come in out of the rain. And then they were indignant when they got wet."

It might be--Light, how it rankled!--it might be that he was going to have to take Thom's advice. Try to keep those bloody women's bloody heads on their bloody shoulders by somehow helping them make this whole mad impossible scheme actually work."

Oh and he will.


Elayne and Avi meet for the first time. Which is the first time all three women are known to any one of them. I feel a lot different about this that I used to. It was exciting before, but now I just feel like becoming El's BFF is the start of ruination for Avi as a character. Lots of dresses, politics, and bitchiness in her future as opposed to clean old fashioned ass kicking.


The most poignant part of the chapter has got to be Mat giving Thom the letter than Rand gave to him and that Moiraine had given to Rand. It actually happens between quote one and two but I wanted to separate it out.

"Who's the letter from, Thom? Another woman you rescued? Or did you leave her where she could get her head cut off?"
"I left her," Thom said softly. Rising, he walked away without another word."

You can almost feel the Pattern move around that letter. Too bad it will get shoved under the rug for another 5 books. But that's kind of the way things are in these books.

Ch. 41 "A Threat"

I was just talking about plotlines being stretched out over multiple books and/or characters disappearing of the planet and here's Min. Freshly arrived in Caemlyn after traveling from Salidar, off screen, since the prologue. Which isn't bad by tWoT standards, until you realize she hasn't *seen* Rand since the beginning of tDR. Rut Roh!

Min muses about her life growing up in Baerlon:

"In Baerlon, after her father died, her aunts had tried to make her into what they called a decent proper woman, though maybe her Aunt Miren had understood that after ten years running about the mines in boys' clothes, it might be too late to stuff her into dresses. They had tried, even so, and she had fought them as stubbornly as she refused to learn to wield a needle. Aside from that unfortunate episode serving tables at The Miner's Rest--a rough place, but she had not stayed long; Rana, Jan, and Miren had seen to that emphatically when they found out, and no matter that she was twenty then--aside from that one time, she had never worn a dress willingly."

There is some allusion to, or at least some fans think that Min's aunts might have been prostitutes and The Miners Rest sounds suspicious. I chose not to believe that and it's not important in any case. Min "sees the Pattern" in her visions and auras, life changing events or a person's fate -what is meant to be. Her three aunts are a nice allusion to the three Fates of Greek or the Norns of Norse mythology. Even the bit about the needle is apt --"weaver and spinner out of fate." Mins visions are absolutes of what will happen, at least at the present time, events later could change that.


Elayne is one of the worse of the main female characters. Her romance with Rand is terrible and the worst coupling in the series. Well, maybe barring Egwene and Gawyn's so called relationship. ;) Case in point, the letter Min gives to Rand from Elayne:

I have made my feelings clear to you. Know that they have not changed. I hope that you feel for me what I feel for you. Min can help you, if you will only listen to her. I love her like a sister, and hope you love her as I do.

Well that's just a tad vague, misleading and downright deceitful. She wants him to swear a vow of obedience, kneel to Egwene, not "hand" her Andor, and generally belittles him to her friends. She's only actually been with him (in person) for a couple of days if you count up all the hours spent flirting in the stone and the palace in book 1. I kind of feel like she just needs to get laid and that's the extent of it. Oh well, I guess she needs a hobby to keep her occupied in between getting friends and allies killed, and Rand will do just nicely.


Min views Rand:

"Countless thousands of sparkling lights, like stars or fireflies, rushed into a great blackness, trying to fill it u, rushed in and were swallowed. There seemed to be more lights than she had ever seen before, but the darkness swallowed them at a greater rate, too. And there was something else, something new, an aura of yellow and brown and purple that make her stomach clench."

The fireflies and darkness is the fight against the Dark One, and the Light is always losing except when two or more ta'veren are together. Get together boys! The other almost certainly is the series of events starting with Rand's capture and culminating at Dumai's Wells. The vision is "scrambled," leading Min to believe it will happen more than once, but the TAS tortured Rand on multiple occasions so that might fulfill it. Some thought it had something to do with the viewing where "Perrin's gotta be there twice" but it looks like that might not be the case.

After telling him of the viewing, Min dishes to Rand about Salidar's Embassy of Nine, which predictably sets off "Lews Therin":

"I have to be careful, Lews Therin whispered intently. Even these half-trained girls can be dangerous with nine of them. I must--"

"That's what Lews Therin had advised in Cairhien; no more than three at once. The man seemed to believe he could handle three Aes Sedai. He seemed more than a little contemptuous of those who called themselves Aes Sedai now."

Prior to Towers of Midnight, the "Lews Therin" debate pitted the "realists" with the constructionists. As in, "Lews Therin" must be "real" because the memories are real. The other side of the coin being that Rand invented the voice. There's a logical fallacy that I believe many fans fell into--mainly, the voice must be real because the memories are real, but that just isn't the case. In the beginning Rand would find something familiar that he had never encountered before (such as the construction of the Ways in tEotW) or he would do something and then feel as though it was something he had long forgotten (usually channeling). By the time tSR rolled around he was having memory fragments and sometimes whole memories surfacing about Ilyena, Ishamael, Lanfear/Mierin, et cetera.

At some point though, Rand couldn't accept this phenomenon. He knows things that are impossible for him to know, that indeed, are impossible for anyone *living* to know, so what is the solution? Compartmentalize the memories. On top of that, any emotions associates with the memories, especially negative ones are walled off as well, creating the "voice." It gets worse though, he also layers his own negative emotions, paranoia and mental break downs onto the Lews Therin section. He can say -- that's not me--I'm sane--that's an insane person. It's interesting that the LTT perception of Tower Aes Sedai is very similar to the opinions held by the Forsaken, which might indicate a more widely held AoL view of Aes Sedai competency and how they should comport themselves. It could have something to do with their ages as well. Its unclear how long the training program took to become Aes Sedai, but Moggy was very young for one at 200 and most the the Tower Aes Sedai are younger than 150 with many not even at the century mark.


There's a running gag throughout the series where the female characters mock the males over their "squeamishness," It's in fact the other way around really, which makes it all the more ironic and therefore amusing. Min and Melaine are ribbing Rand pretty bad and he has this flashback that had me in stitches:

"What would they think if they could have seen him in Mat's Father's barn, blood and birthing fluids to his shoulders and three ribs cracked where he had been kicked because the mare had never foaled before and was frightened? A fine colt that had been, and the mare had not kicked at all the next time."

That's not to say though, that I don't like to laugh at Rand's expense too. Here's perhaps the dumbest think he's ever said, and oh, Min's gonna make him pay:

"Min you're a friend," he protested. "I don't think of you as a woman."
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