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LoC Ch. 27 "Gifts"

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:59 am
Post subject: LoC Ch. 27 "Gifts"
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This is cross posted from pol fb group. I'm gonna be rambling about my reread regularly I think since i'm trying to resist reading any amol material til release date.

LoC Ch. 27 "Gifts"

I got a good laugh at Eggy's expense in this chapter which is always fun. She tries to manipulate Rand, only problem is, yonder hayseed hick knows what she's up to and repays her in kind. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between Eggy and others (ie Elaida). Seems like it's still "do what I say and walk small cuz I'm right.) The one woman who might have altruistic motives fell through a dimensional gateway about 700 pages ago.

A few interesting things in this chapter. Rand hides Egwene behind a shield of invisibility. Moiraine makes one in tEotW but its unclear if it's the same weave or if its Asmodean's "Folded light." Interestingly, Moghedien teaches the wondergirls something similar and it shimmers when the person moves, the same as Rand's does. Its unclear if that's a limitation of the Power or the Weave or if the Forsaken added a little something to skew the usefulness.

Jesse Bilal is revealed as the head of the Brown Ajah, which may seem insignificant but is the first hint in Siuan's "pattern" between the SAS and TAS halls.

Coiren, Nesune and Galina think that it should be impossible for Rand to sense saidar, and that they would "see any weave made of saidar." Anytime a character thinks something is impossible its pretty much the easiest thing ever. lol. Gotta love our dumb wot characters.
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