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Dragon's Eye Chap 7

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:38 am
Post subject: Dragon's Eye Chap 7
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Chapter 7

Mouth opening wide, Noraxxis showed all of his glittering teeth as he let out a mighty roar. The sound thundered off the surrounding stone and crashed into Micah’s ears.

“Free!” hissed the dragon fiercely, “finally after so long!”

Several of the chain links caught on the enraged dragon’s ridged back. He gave his body a brisk shake snapping them like dry twigs. Whipping his serpentine neck around, Noraxxis’ horned head and narrowed eyes fixated on the ceiling above him.

A low ragged snarl cut through the air. “You had best get underneath me Micah Williams! The griegan that imprisoned me, those that held me captive against my will and made me commit atrocities in their name against the people of Illanor are about to pay for their arrogance and their actions!”

Not knowing what was coming, but sensing the dragon’s fury through their link, Micah threw himself under its belly.

The flagstones under the dragon’s large claws crumbled as he flexed his powerful legs and thrust upwards. Noraxxis drove his ridged back and hunched shoulders into the stone ceiling. A shuddering tremor shook the stone under Micah’s feet. Mortar dust filled the air as it showered down from the spider web of cracks that spread out across the ceiling. Another vicious snarl cut through the air as the dragon thrust its body several more times up into the ceiling.

A thunderous boom echoed through Micah’s ears as the overhead stone suddenly shattered in an explosive spray. Giant blocks and broken timbers began raining down all about them as the ceiling tore loose in a cascade of jagged stone.

Clouds of mortar dust caused his eyes and throat to burn and Micah felt several shards of rock and wood strike his armor and bounce off his helm, close to his eyes. After one tore a gash in his cheek, he hastily slapped down the dragon helm’s visor, grateful that he had listened to Noraxxis telling him to put on the armor and for standing over him. If the dragon had not been protecting him, he would have been crushed by the huge stones. The warm blood trickling down his cheek and neck caused him to look up making sure he was completely under the angry dragon.

Above him, Noraxxis’ bulk suddenly seemed bigger. Through the gap around his scaly body, Micah noticed pillars shuddering like pencils on the point of breaking. Noraxxis ignored the collapsing building as his body seemed to shudder with pleasure as he reared up to full height. A triumphant roar came from overhead as the dragon shoved his horned head and clawed feet up through the massive hole.

Micah watched Noaxxis’ chest expand, growing to almost twice its regular size. A roaring filled the air as the dragon released a great blast of flame into the overhead building.

Noraxxis dropped back down. A satisfied expression twisted his maw, but his yellow eyes still burned. Over the moaning screams of men dying in the chambers above and the sounds of crashing rock, the dragon called out, “Climb aboard my back and strap yourself in.”

Micah hesitated momentarily, then the memories inside the dragon’s eye filled his mind, telling him what to do. Grabbing the sword, he leapt up onto the dragon’s lowered shoulder and scrambled into the saddle. Following the voices instructions, he quickly slid his legs under the straps and pulled them tight.

“Are you on yet?” Noraxxis flicked an aggravated look back over his shoulder as another blackened and broken column toppled down through the jagged hole.

Seeing that he was, the dragon directed his gaze pointedly upwards. “I thought I was buying us time to escape but it looks like I succeeded in bringing down the whole building.”

Noraxxis turned half on his side and drove his powerful back legs into the massive barred oaken doors on the other side of the room. An ear splitting scream of metal bindings being ripped apart cut through the air. A second kick from the dragon’s clawed feet shattered the double doors. Wooden splinters exploded into a wide courtyard. Sunlight streamed in through the jagged opening and for a moment, the dragon didn’t move.

Micah wondered why until he saw Noraxxis blinking, hastily trying to adjust his eyes. Through the haze of mortar dust, Micah saw men in black armor wielding axes and swords filing out into the courtyard. He recognized immediately the tactics of well trained infantry from what he had learned in the military as they formed into battle lines. A second group lined up behind the first and what they carried caused Micah to cringe. They all had bows, aimed at them.

Suddenly the sounds of plinking surrounded him and it took Micah a moment before he realized arrows were hitting the dragon’s scales. Hunching down, he tried making himself as small a target as possible and raised his shield. It wasn’t bullets, like in Iraq, but arrows could kill just as easily.

Noraxxis let out a roar and charged out through the shattered doors. Vengeful fury filled the massive dragon and he lashed out violently with his spiked tail.

Gouts of broken stone filled the air as the dragon’s heavy tail hit the ground with a solid thump. The concussive force and the explosion of erupting earth tore into the closest of the soldiers, sending them flying away in swathe of dead bodies.

The courtyard erupted in turmoil as the dragon released its pent up fury. Hissing furiously, Noraxxis dragged his spiked tail across the courtyard. Like a scythe moving through wheat, it cut into the rows of soldiers, leaving in its wake a bloody trail of torn body parts and crushed armor.

Facing the angry dragon, Micah knew he would not have stood and fought against it and was astounded when more armored men rushed in filling the gaps left by the fallen. Officers stood behind them shouting orders to form into new ranks just past the rows of the dead.

Feeling the dragon’s chest expand again, Micah, realizing what was coming and called out frantically, “There is no need to kill them just for the sake of doing so Noraxxis. I know you are angry and that your anger has you by the tail, but let’s make good our escape while we have the time.”

By the tail? The saying cut through his mind, leaving him wondering where it had came from but he knew it was the right one.

“To hell with time,” snarled Noraxxis, flames flickering out his nostrils, his massive maw opening wide. He heard the pleading in Micah’s voice as he screamed at him to stop. He knew he should but for ten years these men, these Griegan had kept him a prisoner in their keep. Kept him like a disliked dog, teasing, poking and torturing him for years about his freedom. Mocking and belittling him to the point where now, he wanted nothing more than to lay waste to all of them.

Dragon fire poured out, rolling over the soldiers in waves of molten heat, incinerating everything within range. Nothing was spared from the fiery breath.

Micah watched in horror as courtyard became a charnel house of death. Men became living torches that were consumed immediately by the flames, leaving nothing behind but smoldering piles of melted armor and blackened bones. A gust of wind brought closer the choking smell of burnt flesh and it cut across his nostrils like a sharp knife. Also, carried on the wind, were the plaintive moans of the dying. Through the fiery red flames and smoke coming out of Noraxxis’ nostrils, Micah saw the stirring movements of the feeble and burned. The outer landscape had been reduced to molten slag. Noraxxis ignored all of it.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, surveying the carnage filling the courtyard Micah roared, “Enough! You have done enough! They won’t be attacking us again. Look around you damnit!”

Noraxxis head whipped around on his long neck, the dragon’s face a savage mask of glittering rage. Their dragonmage, Al’sonar, had made him commit unspeakable atrocities while he had held the tooth. Had made him kill and destroy thousands of humans in their cities. That thought, that picture of the dying humans cut through his rage like an ice cold knife. Suddenly realizing what he had been doing, Noraxxis snapped his gaping maw shut, cutting off the molten flames. His rage over his own hurt pride had been so bad that he stared about, horrified at what he had done, fascinated by the amount of devastation he had already caused. His mind shrank away from what he had been about to do and focused on the words coming out of his rider.

“Nothing you do right now, Noraxxis can atone for the killings that occurred while you were imprisoned,” implored Micah. “We need to be gone from this place before we are recaptured and can do no good at all.”

Although, he thought, silently, looking around at his surroundings, I doubt that there is any way that we will be recaptured soon.

Noraxxis’ head jerked at the words, and it seemed to take a few moments but Micah’s shouts about duty and escape finally sank in and the dragon’s body relaxed. Like a crossbow string being slowly released, the tension faded.

“You said there was someplace we needed to go to get help, right?” Micah stated. “We won’t get there if we stay here until, what did you say his name was, Al’sonar comes and recaptures us and kills me. Like you, I don’t want to die today, can’t we just leave now?” Micah waved a hand at the devastation surrounding them. The castle stood behind them, a flaming ruin, crackling and hissing, only half its walls still standing. Everywhere else was the crushed, broken, or burnt bodies of the soldiers that had fallen coming out to stop them.

“We have made good our escape, let’s leave.”

Noraxxis bowed his head low. “As you command rider.”

Stepping to the side of the swirling chaos surrounding them Noraxxis’ great leathery wings snapped out to both sides of his body. With a powerful downward sweep the dragon surged upwards into the sky, throwing Micah backward in the saddle.
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The Zeppo

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:38 am
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Have you ever thought of selling this story as a serial to a magazine or something? I mean getting this one chapter at a time, I have great anticipation towards the next. I think as a monthly or quaterly serial this would be a great way for the public to read this story. I wonder if you have an artist friend who could submit a pic or two to go along with it?

Of course I don't remember the last time I read a magazine outside of the doctors office, and would not know the first thing about where or how to apply or submit a work for serial consideration. just a thought though.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:57 pm
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Thanks Tam I am actually considering sending this to my publisher, and seeing what she can do with it, but I havent finished it yet so its work in progress
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