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reply to deleted Gnome post

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The Zeppo

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:58 pm
Post subject: reply to deleted Gnome post
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ok so i know you deleted it, but I like spent a while between calls working on this response so i
m gunna bring it back gnomeyyy

Gnome wrote:

It is ALWAYS necessary to remember that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE and that FREEDOM IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

Whatever it takes, we as a nation must go forth and rid the world of these scum. Yes there will be collateral damage. Yes, innocents will perish. This is the price of freedom that the U.S. and ultimately the world must pay.

Hasn't Osama and other Radial Terrorist Leaders (as apposed to other terrorist leaders) said the same thing? I mean Hitler was fighting in the name of freedom of the German peoples....

Don't get me wrong. I believe that the troops in Afghanistan are there for a reason.
I don't think anyone in the NATO nations or really any other part of the world thinks the US should just ignore any terrorist threat. However what many people who object or have concerns with the war want is to minimize the collateral damage and work to avoiding future terrorist threats. Osama was trained by the CIA for a guerrilla war against the threat the USSR forces that also posed a threat to the freedom of the USA. See how well that worked out?

If war is needed than war is needed. More important than war is understanding. A proper understanding of the enemy, where it came from, how to avoid making new enemies, and if possible how to make a lasting and growing peace that will benefit both sides after the war is finished. Remember that to the other side We are the Terrorists, who have made war on their way of life. And to the people of Afghanistan the have to deal with two terrorist groups who might just kill them for saying or doing the wrong thing.

We can not just barge in bomb the hell out of place, kill/imprison/impoverish people, say we're sorry to the innocents who got caught in the crossfire and then whistle a jaunty tune while we embitter a whole new demographic against the US/NATO and make more terrorists.

Freedom is not Free, Neither is war. There is a huge cost on both ends. Again those who have objections or concerns want to minimize the cost of both human lives and liberties, now and in the future. It is great to say we want out freedoms but the innocents in Afghanistan are having their freedoms limited by both domestic and foreign threats.

If there was a terrorist threat to Canada in the US. And Canada decided to invade Montana to root these rebels out of the mountains and one of our bombs destroyed your moms house, I don't know that you would be so accepting of your previously mentioned philosophy.

Just sayin’

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-M. S. Peck
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Bird Man of Alka-Seltzer

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:24 am
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There was a great segment on the Daily Show, about the American guy who was working with the Pakisani terrorists who did the hotel attacks in India a while back. Aasef Manvi (one of the 'reporters') said that India was going to declare war on the US in response, to root out the seed of terrorism that are obviously sprouting here and threatening the Indian way of life. Is there any difference between that and what we've been doing? Other than the fact that we have big money and big weapons?
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