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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:19 pm
Post subject: Noodles!
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I'm at work right now so bear with me, but I've been playing with a lot of dough and making my own noodles the past week or two, and I think I have it down - well, except the whole weird shapes and sizes thing, but I think I like it that way. So in case any of you want to make noodles when you get bored. It takes a while to perfect the cutting and rolling, but the mixing part is pretty quick, I've cut my time down to where I can make this in about 45 minutes, including the 30 minutes of waiting, and it's easy to make sauce or soup on the stove for when you're done.

>3/4 cup of all-purpose flour, or 1/2 cup all purpose flour and 1/4 cup of whole grain flour, OR about half of both high-gluten and low-gluten flour

>1 egg

>a few teaspoons of salt, to taste

>about a tablespoon of warm water

To Make
> combine the flour(s) into a bowl and create a small well in the middle
> Into the well in the flour, place the egg and tablespoon of water. Beat these two together without disturbing the flour around it until the yolk and whites of the egg are well-mixed.
> Slowly stir the flour(s) into this mixture until all contents of the bowl are pretty thoroughly combine, place a good amount of flour on a flat and solid surface (a cutting board preferrably)
> dump the ingredients onto the floured surface and start kneading the flour together - trust me, it's gonna stick, but if you take anti-sticking counter measures, it takes infinitely longer than it does to just knead
> Knead the dough until it will stick to your hand for a second after lifting it up - if it's way too dry, wet your hands a little and knead some more, if it won't come off without a fight, throw some more flour!
> At this point, you'll want to wrap the dough into a warm damp cloth and let it set for a while - around 30 minutes for warmer or drier climates, up to an hour to 90 minutes for colder or more humid areas (this part I jacked from somebody online, but it works a lot better)
** Please have a rolling pin - I've been using a plastic cup, it's hard!*
> Roll the dough using a rolling pin until it's about 1mm thick, then wait for 10 seconds because it'll try to jump up again to a huge thickness and do it again!
> Flour the top of the dough and fold in half lightly - put flour on the next surface and fold again lightly (if it's too violent, your layers stick together, and you get really thick unwieldy noodles)
> At this point, start some water to boil, adding the salt
> Slice the dough using a sharp knife into really skinny segments, or really wide if you want wide noodles
** Make sure to cut carefully, or you'll bring the rest of the dough with the knife - it's not as non-sticky as the knife leads you to believe!
> Once all your noodles are happy and cut, you should sprinkle them a few at a time into the boiling water - here's where a lot of the excess flour will rinse off, so don't be alarmed to see cloudy water at the end
> Boiling doesn't take a long time, depending on how much boiling water you have and how many noodles you put into it, usually like 5 or 7 minutes. If you overcook them, they get all mushy, eeewwww
> Once the noodles are done cooking, take them off the heat, strain and rinse them, and then throw something on top!

I like it, gives me something to get out of bed for in the morning, I enjoy making my own stuff - if anyone has a cool noodle recipe of their own, post it up or PM me, cause I'm on a noodle making tangent!
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