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LoC Ch. 38 "A Sudden Chill" + 39 "Possibiliti

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:21 am
Post subject: LoC Ch. 38 "A Sudden Chill" + 39 "Possibiliti
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LoC Ch. 38 “A Sudden Chill”

“Talmanes, you have the command until I get back, but you don’t stir unless somebody jumps on the Band with both boots. These four will tell you what you might have to face. Vanin, you’re with me. Olver, stay close to Daerid, in case he needs messages carried. You can teach him to play Snakes and Foxes,” he added with a grin at Daerid. “He tells me he’d like to learn.” Daerid’s jaw dropped, but Mat had already moved on.”

Yeah, I’m doing more Mat fan service. Or is that fan boy service? Haha. Talmanes gets full command of Band here and its gonna last until KoD. There’s quite a few plot pieces where I go, if I had only known it was gonna be *this* long…Mat and the Band, Taim, the Ghealdan goof up….

Nicola can see ta’vern. She has all kinds of rare talents. Seeing ta'veren (grrr auto correct wouldn't let me type ta'veren had to turn it off lol), foretelling, strong in the power, can make cuendillar. She's f****** annoying though so I'm glad she doesn't have some huge part to play in the story.

Mat's meeting with Amyrlin is pretty much the stuff of legends.

"Now. When the poor blind fool they've chosen out for their Amyrlin gets here, I will do the talking. She can't be very bright, or they'd never have been able to shove her into the job. Amyrlin Seat for a bloody village in the middle of bloody nowhere. You keep your mouths shut and curtsy for all you're worth, and I'll pull your bacon off the coals again."


Loc Ch. 39 "Possibilities"

The arrogance, ignorance, and assumptions on the part of El and Eg are rather infuriating, at least to me. Nyn is rather immature in LoC but she's sort of off in her own little world here. If you want to tick it off like bullet points, Mat was appointed by Rand and is only a ceremonial general (lol lol), Mat will be used because that's all he's good for, let's send him to Ebou Dar strictly to get him out of the way, and fourth why not just annex the band as an Aux. detachment of Lord Bryne's army. The hilarity of misinformation is pretty much the hallmark of tWoT, but this chapter stretches it a little, even for the series. On the surface, even I have to cut Egwene some slack, she's Amyrlin, she has to use and manipulate people to survive. Though she does think Mat's too dumb to know he's being used. Also, a couple books back she was castigating Rand for using people - good job Eggy. The truly ironic thing here is that Mat's one a better general than Bryne, two - the Band is the better trained/more dangerous fighting force, and three Mat will be the only reason Ebou Dar is successful/survivable. I'm licking my lips waiting for Ebou Dar to start, I LOVE Ebou Dar. Don't get me wrong, I did want them to get out of there after the brick wall, since we hadn't seen The Band in three books, but it's one of the most entertaining plotlines. Speaking of entertainment, El's attempt to dominate/bully Mat and possess his ter'angreal is always fun to watch. The opening salvo is here:

"You, my fine Lady, i am taking back to Caemlyn if I have to tie you up in a package to hand to Rand, burn me if I don't. And I will bloody well leave when I choose."
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:23 pm
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Far be it for me to stick up for El, Eg and Nyn, but Mat's stupid (if amusing) talk is exactly set up to piss someone off. I certainly would have kicked his ass with the Power. Also, while the Band is a better force and Mat a better general, it is excusable for one to think otherwise, really. He has much less experience than Bryne and Bryne has a well deserved reputation which has accrued over years.

lol I hate Ebou Dar.
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