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Andra in Ohio

Posted by julival on August 28, 2002 at 14:33:36:

Well, B is back in town this week on business, so we got to have lunch together today (that's Master Andra, fyi). For all you bratty little beard afficianados, you'll be happy to know that the new beard is progressing quite nicely and the evilness is returning.

i picked him up from his client's offices (which are unbelievably huge) around 11:15 and we headed over to one of Columbus's new hot spots - the Polaris Fashion Place (veddy veddy upscale mall with a Nordstroms, a Lord and Taylors, a Sax 5th Avenue, and other glitzy/pricey retail establishments). We went to Molly Woo's. This is a rather nice 'Asian Cuisine' restaurant that has a variety of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai offerings.

Sadly for B, we had a male server instead of a cute little waitress. (Those of you who've been on Social's restaurant outings with him will know that B can't be in a restaurant without chatting up every waitress in the vicinity. *l*) Happily for me, the waiter was quite cute. but he was incredibly nervous, so i thought it would be too evil to make things worse by flirting with him.

The food was yummy! we split a maki sushi california roll (crab and avacado) and B had firecracker chicken (sweet and spicy *g*) and I had Happy Family. *l* this time, instead of talking about you guys we talked about our own selves. *g* it was a very nice visit.

i checked out another possible employer on my way home from the lunch date - a Veterinary office not far from my house that's seeking a part-time receptionist/assistant. it turned out to be right next door to a good restaurant here in town and practically right across the street from rob's elementary school. The bad news is that they were closed for the day. the good news is that the reason they were closed for the day was 'due to staffing shortage'. *l* so i'm going back tomorrow to see if i can help them erradicate that problem.

B says he might be back in town again for this client and i'm hoping so. despite the fact that he keeps trying to talk me into going to Hooters with him. *l*