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Andra in Ohio

Posted by julival on August 22, 2002

Master Andra is in Columbus! *bg*

He had to be up here for work this week, so we made plans to all have dinner together Tuesday night.

I was supposed to pick B up at his hotel at six and we'd meet jeff at the restaurant, which was about 5 minutes away. but when i got there, there was no B! :-(

A few cellphone calls later, it turned out that (as often happens with jeff) B's boss had grabbed him at the last minute for a discussion about the client. No worries. i waited patiently and told jeff to grab a bowl of chowder.

B had told me i likely wouldn't recognize him. (As you can see by the photo, he had shaved off his full beard and was in the process of growing in a new goatee) But i had no problem spotting that tall, lanky guy in a black shirt striding across the parking lot. the black shirt is always a dead giveaway. *l* and the eyes never change.

we found jeff, finished with his chowder, and we all ordered and had a grand time chatting and eating. we talked a lot about the DC social and compared notes about people we'd met that B had met at the '00 cali/oregon freakout. I told him we'd kept expecting him to show up for a surprise visit in DC and he said "really, i had been planning to, but..." he went house hunting instead. *pout*

And i sat happily oblivious in the middle while jeff and b talked about worky things. *l*

the good news is that B's client is being ornery and may cause him to have to stay another week. *bg* if so, we're having lunch on next wednesday. more news then!