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noire meets Alle in Hawaii

Now, this might be somewhat confusing to read without a little prior knowledge. Basically, the contents of this report consist of three actual message board posts. The first was by Alle in her usual colour, the second in reply by noire in hers and the third was a reply to what noire had said by Alle again, in a different colour. The different colours make it relatively easy to follow and keep track of who says what, and obviously, it wouldn't make sense if separated into three different posts. So, with that in mind.. Enjoy!

After knowing her almost 5 years, I finally got to meet noire irl. *s* As she posted (a pretty long ways below) she is here for a few days with her S.O. Paul for vacation.

*sniffles* actually, now I'm home and everything looks so cold and dreary after the warm hawaiian sunshine. The fact that it's cold and overcast doesn't help much, I'm sure.

Its been chilly here too...I even put on the heater in my car last night.

Anyway, we spoke a bit on the phone the other day, and today arranged to have dinner. So I cut out of work early, and headed into a place I love to avoid: Waikiki. Since parking is problematic, I decided to park in the Honolulu Zoo parking lot, some 2 blocks away from their hotel. Finding a place to park that was more or less immune to bird poop was a bit of a challenge, as most of the zoo lot spaces are under trees. Anyway, I found a spot and went off.

we never made it to the zoo or the aquarium. I really wanted to see the aquarium.

Now, I have seen pics of noire, and was confident that I could pick her out in a crowd, but decided I would give her a description of what I was wearing to help me stand out. Since I chose to wear a long teal green jacket, I think I helped make myself pretty noticeable. I also learned that they studied pics of me online before heading to the lobby, so that Paul could possible spot me too. Anyway, it worked…no sooner had I arrived then noire was waving. Hugs and handshakes later, we were going back to the car. And of course, there were two spots right in front where I could have parked. Oh well.

We looked at the pictures from when you and rho visted Juli. There were some very good face shots in those pictures. And it turns out it was a really good idea 'cause paul was the one who recognized you. I was just the one who started jumping up and down like a lost little fan-girl.

*g* well, I did feel special to see some one bouncing around for me. *l*

Paul nicely volunteered to sit in the back. I own a Prelude, and allow the 2000 model added a few inches to the back seat area, it really isn’t what I would call spacious. Luckily it was a short trip to the restaurant. I had a slight mishap in remembering exactly where in the mall the restaurant was located, but soon after it was found.

Considering how small that mall was, we got awfully los--ahem, we never would have guess you didn't know exactly where you were going if you hadn't told us. *nods* that's how it was. Ultimate faith in Mz. Womack.

Ok...you must know that I have nothing in common with the aforementioned Mz. Womack. *l* Alle will do, please? *s*

We ordered, took pics and chatted, chatted, chatted. Noire had wanted a drink that came with an umbrella, but the waitress didn’t have umbrellas. She recommended ordering a drink at a hotel bar, or buying a package of umbrellas at Longs. Heh.

We finally found umbrellas when we went to Kona (on the big island). We also were told that, after the dockworkers strike, a lot of places still haven't replenished all of their "superfulous" items so umbrellas aren't as plentiful as one would think. But in the mean time I got lots of flowers. I really liked that waitress: she didn't have umbrellas so she gave me extra flowers.

Anyway, it was a most enjoyable dinner. Its always fun to meet freaks! I wish more freaks would make it out to Hawaii. The evening ended all too soon, and it was time to drop them back at the hotel. They have been very busy going to a luau, learning to surf and visiting Pearl Harbor as well as just hanging out at the pool or beach. And tomorrow they fly to Kona.

Yeah, in some ways we were too busy. But we got to do a lot of fun stuff. It's really funny - after the surf lesson we both had aching arms right up until we got home. We were both in mild pain for the rest of the trip. But it was a lot of fun. Oh, and on Kona we went parasailing.

Yes, you mentioned that on your postcard. Was it fun? I've never done that, but it looks fun!

After one disparaging remark concerning my driving (remark was made by Paul when he thought I was going to turn into the exit at the hotel, and he tried to cover up his comment once he saw I was merely pulling over to the curb, hehe), I dropped them off. More hugs and then they were gone.

In Paul's defense, it really did look like you were about to pull into the driveway.

*weg* well, if its a consolation to you, I did pull over to a curb painted red, which is a no-no.

So Freaks…please come to Hawaii. We need the tourist dollars, and I promise to take you to dinner! *g*

I don't know if you noticed it, but when you announced that you were treating us to dinner (waiting till after we didn't order the lobster to pipe up) Paul and I exchanged a glance. Before you picked us up he asked me if I thought we should pick up the cheque since you were being nice enough to pick us up and everything. We were kinda like "Oh, I guess we won't be paying for dinner then."

*l* well, I beat you to it!

Oh, and the picture you took of the two of us is one of the cutest pictures from hawaii. There are actually three really cute pictures of Paul and me (considering we didn't really have any before the trip this makes me particularly happy) and the one he took of you and me came out really well also. Paul's job is to scan all of the pictures this week and then I'll upload them to my website with little captions ("this is the Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant --- see, Juli?"). I got to practice my picture descriptions last night at the Plough, showing the 4 rolls to all my friends. So I've got a funny and informative narration that i just need to type up.

Yay! pics!

Glad you had fun! - Alle