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Mute Meets Gilshalos

Posted by Mute on August 26, 2002

*yawn* Jet lag is a female dog. Hope she doesn't suddenly get puppies. *nods*


I'm back. Visited my old friend Benne who lives in Baltimore these days, my first trip to the US. Strange country, weird people, and I even think I like it. Baltimore wasn't much of a sight, except for the inner harbour. Which was definately very nice. Except for the Barnes&Noble, which is evil. Too many books for my modest bank account, you'd think those people would be a bit more considerate, but no... I went into total ferret shock when I got there (ooooh! Books! Poing poing and all that). Maryland science centre was fun too, especially the 3D film about the international space station *drools*. Benne agreed with me that Baltimore wasn't much fun, so we went to see Washington. Nice city, nice air and space museum, nice bearded guy memorial thingy, weird phallic structure. I wonder if they are compensating for something (sidenote: what's with the enormous cars? It seemed like every American wanted to have a bigger car than everyone else. We saw someone driving a huge sports car while smoking a very long cigar, makes you wonder...). Freaky fact: I made a picture of Benne at the same fall-out shelter where Gaidal Cain took a picture. Great minds think alike, meguesses.

After DC, and a lazy day doing nothing at all in Baltimore we went off to see Gettysburg. Had a great view of the landscape there, and it was even funny to see some of the monuments (which are generally not too much to look at, but two caought my eye: one was a regular statue on a pedestal, the one right next to it had a pedestal, with a column and THEN a statue. Compensation at work again?). Day after that we met with Gil in the inner harbour. walked around a bit (not too much, Gil's feet hurt), visited the Evil Place (B&N) again, managed not to buy too many books (only Assassin's Apprentice, which I hadn't read yet to Gil's surprise; I made her buy Good Omens, she will be a Pratchett fan soon *nods*). I had the impression that I pretty much freaked Gil out without actually doing anything besides just being two metres tall (that's about 6'6" for American types) *g*. But then, she was also freaked out by the old pigeon that was walking around there, so I guess it's not so much that I'm freaky, but just that Gil's easily freaked *nods*.

It was there that Gil gave to me the zucchini, which was a gift,nay, an offering, from that most blessed of freaks, Juli *blesses the earth upon which she walketh and the air which she breatheth* May thy orchards be always full of fruit!

Not much to tell about Canada, I'm afraid. Hearing astronomical chitchat all day long is fun only to astronomers, so I won't bother you with it. Had a good time there, not in the least because of the local Irish pub *nods* Guiness is gooood...

I'll stop rambling now, this has gone on for much too long.

Must. Live. Up. To. Name.

- Mute