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little update post....

Posted by Jade on February 18, 2002

Day 3 of Portland for me... if you count Saturday. Of course, it's a school day, so I've been trying to use it for my own homework while everyone's been at classes and so on. ooh yay, what fun *g* I have lots and lots and lots of study and homework to do over the break, because teachers are mean and horrible, and we have midterms ;-)

But still! Sunday was lots of fun - I think Adam pretty much summed it up *l* Lots of wandering around OMSI, trying to solve horrible brain teaser things which I was never very good at. It was kind of amusing combining all our brain powers on them, though *l* Then there was the squeezy car ride, and Powell's... which was as amazing as people said it would be *g*

I'm going to make a brief reference in case either tethys or Raia ever reads this (or Wil, for that matter *G*), although you may be too busy with your own things at the moment... if you guys picture the fantasy section in Angus and Robertson, for example, I'd say that entire fantasy section is about the same size as 3 letters of the fantasy section in Powell's. *nods* And they have both new and used, some good prices... I was kind of at a loss - I mean, where do you start with something like that? But I managed to find a few things, like a used copy of Game of Thrones, since I don't own one and I want to reread them some time, plus Tigana by GGK, which I've been wanting to read, and Faerie Tale by Feist, since it's the only one of his books I haven't read and George told me it was good *g* So I'll trust him!

But now I own books! actual books!!! On this continent I only have 2 books by Melanie Rawn, and they're not all that great imo, so it's nice to have something to read! I'm going through Leslie and Jess's collection too at the moment, reading the Fionavar Tapestry by GGK *l*

anyway.... I'm getting a bit sidetracked. As Adam said, we played more Phase 10 (I now understand how you guys got so obsessed with it), then we went to find dinner. We parted ways with George, played a different game that Adam brought called the Great Dalmudi (sp?)... I'm a lover of card games like these, it's just a shame both of them require special packs!

and I guess that was pretty much it... lots of fun though! Now I have the room to myself, and I'm sick of trying to write up my physics formula sheet, so I'm posting, naturally ;-)

Oh, and I have determined that their cafeteria is pretty much of the same standard as ours *l* the difference is, they have all you can eat! and possibly a bit more variety than we have. But then, if they miss a meal, they've still paid for it... definite advantages and disadvantages to both.

anyway.... I guess I'll go back to reading my book, or doing homework...