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Ireland Day 6: Phase 10. And more Phase 10.

Posted by jana on September, 2004

My documentation of this day isn't very good, and I think most of the stuff that happened was just a lot of talking and joking that I don't remember details of, so this entry should be fairly short.

I gathered Rene to head over for breakfast at the other Freaks' guest house. Although he made it sound like he'd have to be dragged out of his bed, he was actually up and nearly ready when I knocked on his door. We headed over and met people down in the dining room of the guest house where the marvelous Tony hooked up all up with an enormous hot breakfast. Tony is the proprietor of the guest house (D'Averell House, was it?), and he is wonderful. He knows all, and he didn't mind the three of us who weren't even staying there hanging out in the dining room and on the stairs and in the doorways at all hours for extended periods of time.

My journal says that breakfast lasted for about an hour, though I have no idea what we were talking about for all that time. Very interesting and entertaining stuff though, I can tell you that much. After breakfast Julie had to leave for a fitting and the rest of us went to the Armagh tourist information place. We found a brochure for a Castle Leslie, and for some reason became obsessed with the idea of going there. I was delighted with that...my very own Irish castle! After wandering around Armagh for a bit, we decided that Rene and the boys needed to learn how to play Phase 10. For non-Freak readers, Phase 10 is a card game first played at the Vegas Freak Out three years ago that has made its appearance at many a Freak gathering since. Oh wait, I probably mentioned this already as some of us played it a couple days before this in Dublin. Whatever. This time we signed on for an entire game, which can be a several hour ordeal. Rob was smart and got out early, but Alec stuck through the entire thing. The game last for most of the day. We did break for lunch at Subway at one point. Jeff and Julie entrusted the boys to our care while they went on a tour of Armagh. Alle and I sat at a table with Alec and Rob and got to hear all about some crazy computer game. Some version of Starcraft, maybe? There was an old-fashioned looking key just sticking out of the wall near the other peoples' table. We decided that it was a door to Narnia. I can't think of any other reason why a key would just be sticking out of the wall.

After lunch we moved the game up to the Miller room, and then down to Lee Ann's when Julie wanted to nap. Alec was winning for a good portion of the game, which was the start of the devil spawn nickname that ended up applying to both the boys. I ended up winning, though. I was just glad for the game to be over by that point, and I think that most other people were as well, though Jani kept trying valiantly to beat me through until the end. In the last round I had some assistance from Mark, who was sitting to my right and thus able to pass me what I needed.

Once we were finally done we were able to head out for dinner with Uli and the Swedes. There was no Shaun due to a football match elsewhere. We went out for Chinese, which Jennie, our resident Chinese girl, was dubious about. The food turned out to be not bad...even Jennie said so! I sat at a table with Jennie, Jani, Mark and Alle. Uli sat with the Millers. Poor Rene was all alone with the Swedes...at least he knew to pay attention whenever he heard English, because that meant they were talking to him. We were the fun table. We were also the noisiest...the two may have been connected. Because of that we were apparently the most annoying to the staff. We all wanted ice cream for dessert, but it was very difficult to get any. All the tables around us got ice cream, and we kept asking for it, but no ice cream came! We were all the happier with our ice cream when it finally came.

That night ended up being a fairly low-key hen night at the Swedes' B&B, as opposed to the rowdy pub-crawling night it was originally intended to be when planned by the Irish women. I think everyone involved was actually happier with it that way. I took a cab with Uli from the restaurant to the O'Connor house where Uli changed shoes and picked up alcohol. Shaun's mother gave us and a Swedish cousin a ride to the B&B. The other Freak ladies met us there and we all got a sneak peek at the dresses. Uli's mother made the wedding dress and all the bridesmaids dresses, and they were all gorgeous. We sat around downstairs chatting, "we" being the Freaks and the Swedes. Let's see, I think we talked about horses, as Lee Ann and a few of the Swedish girls like to ride. The very attractive Swedish boyfriend of one of the Swedish girls showed up for awhile. We joked about him being our male entertainment. It made him blush, which the Swedish girlfriend seemed to enjoy.

We wrapped that up around 11:30 or 12 and the very accomadating Shaun came to drive us back into town. He dropped me off at the hostel and I somehow managed to get in the gate on my own, a task I found a little more difficult a few days later when Rene left me alone at the hostel.

Tomorrow: The depressing playground, Castle Leslie and bad robot movies.

And coming this weekend: pictures!!