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Freaks in the Rose City

Posted by Jarihn on February 18, 2002

Well, this afternoon there were six of us that got together down in Portland for an afternoon, and I took some pictures and already have them up even though it seems like none of the others have gotten home yet.

So, we have myself, Jade, Jana, Liara, Arakasi, and coffee, and we spent about three and a half hours wandering around OMSI, or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, doing random stuff... we did a lot of the "brainteasers" they had lying around, and watched the Gravitram (which is very very cool) and spent most of our time looking at various displays or demos about computer basics, life science, earth science, physics, and a little chemistry.

From there, we piled in my car (Chris has some good shots as well that we might be able to get up shortly, including one of the 6/5 full Suzaku) and went back across the river to Powell's, where we actually ended up spending, I think, more time upstairs playing Phase 10 than browsing through books. After a bit of that everybody got hungry, so we drove a little further, over to the Pioneer Courthouse Square area where we found the mall with the food court that was the first choice of Jana and Li had closed just before we got there, and George/coffee had to head home. So we backtracked and went to Subway instead, where we wound down the time until the shuttle that seems to still be carrying Jade, Arak, Li and Jana back to L&C headed out. I hope they didn't miss that one and have to wait an hour...

Ah well. I headed back to my car and drove home. Very nice day. As to the pictures, they're numbered so they stay in order and the letters at the beginning indicate who's in the photo. Note that it's by first name since there's a major pileup at J otherwise. Some of them are left pretty big, but I figured there should be at least one nice high quality shot of everyone, and I compressed the rest as much as I dared.

So, go ahead and have a look, there's some pretty nice ones, if I do say so myself. *g*