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A day with Jaleely and Ripward

Posted by Caleyna on September 08, 2001 at 23:00:38:

As you may or may not know, Jaleely and Ripward are on a big road trip this summer, and I was lucky enough to be included on their agenda *g*. I wasn't sure about this to begin with since I hadn't really talked to either one in a long time, but I am so glad they came! My first IRL contact with people I can relate to since July 5th! I must say, it was a most excellent day. I hope they feel the same way.

They were supposed to be here at noon, but I gave them some very faulty directions (I thought they would be coming up on one highway, but they were coming up on a different highway. Whoops!) They called me from Wal-Mart and I gave them new directions and they finally found me. This must be a sign that I am not good at directions. Last year a gorup ended up in WA when they tried to follow my directions.

My grandma was home when they first arrived, so I had a major moment of panic. I knew I had to introduce them to her, but if I would have said "This is Jaleely and Ripward" I think she would have thought I was insane. Or that they were just weird. I had a moment of total blankness where I couldn't remember their names at all, esp him, but they finally came to me in a flash of inspiration.

Anyway, when they got here I didn't know what we should do. We coudl have went to Crater Lake, but the drive is just too far imo. I guess it is cool, but an hour and a half drive for 20 seconds of "oh, how nice" just didn't seem like a plan. We ended up going to see The Muskateer. I was totally for this plan of action b/c I LOVE the three muskateers. I'm all for swashbuckling. It is unfortunate that this movie totally ruins the story. It is just a bunch of fight scenes strung together with a thinly veiled plot, as Ripward put it. I guess it was an ok movie, but it was disappointing too.

After that we didn't know what to do next. I finally decided we could go look at the famous Klamath Lake. Ripward saw some geese he wanted to chase, so we let him have at them. Jaleel and I have both lived in rural areas so we know that chasing geese is NOT a good idea. Ripward finally changed his mind about chasing the geese and they threw pinecones at seagulls instead. The whole time we were being attacked by midgees, little tiny bugs that are very annoying. Ripward finally had enough, so we piled back into the car (very, very, very nice car I might add) and decided to do lunch. I shoudl mention that Ripward probably ate about 10 bugs in this time. Yummy.

So we ate lunch and then went back to my g'ma's house. She was her crazy self, but the two handled it very well. Nothing too exciting there, but I just have to say that Jaleel is twice as funny IRL as she is in chat. Can you believe she used to be scared of me? Why is everyone always scared of me? B/c I am such a witch sometimes I guess *l*.

Anyway, I thought it was a totally great day. Jaleel is a born story teller, and Ripward keeps her in line pretty well. They make a very cute couple *l*. They already act like an old married couple and argue over everything, but you can just see the love shining in their eyes.


Ripward's Reply:

It's not that jaleel is a better story teller, it's that she wouldn't let me get a word in edge-wise. *g* (And she mangled most of the stories.)


Jaleel's replies:

At least i didn't eat all caly's bugs.


it was great meeting you and i don't know why i was afraid of you either. *g*

and isn't she just so adorable in person? (to those who've met her)