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Wednesday, February 19, 3394 - Version 2.0 Alpha!
I've been working all week on this new version of the BookKeeper. Basically a complete rewrite of the system, since I switched from CGI to PHP. This is a really great upgrade though. Some features to look for:

- 100 times faster since we are using an actual database now and not text files!
- Themes work. I created a minimal 'functional' theme for those who don't care about pretty systems.
- You have to log in to do anything now.
- The stats page has been vamped up
- A rating system is in place with room for comments.
- There is a "Re-Read" feature in place.
- Other small things.

I've been trying to get all the old functionality to work that I've had little time to get new features in but that should be changing now...Because of the database switch I had to reset everyone's passwords. Please email me (tironis AT rogers.com ) for your new password and change them after you receive them.
Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - Ware the Newbies...
It's been bugging me for a while that every time a new account starts up we see a flood of new entries in the system log and this is kind of distracting to see.

To resolve the issue, I've added some code that won't add new entries into the system log if the account is only a month old. So if you're new, try to get as many books you've read into the database in the first month of registration so that we can safely ignore them.
Saturday, February 19, 8400 - Freaking Bugs!
I found some nice bugs today that totally messed a few things. I logged three bugs and luckily they were all related to the same fix. I believe things are working again. Let's hope and cross out fingers. I didn't catch them before because the bugs would only occur when the global log has reached it's maximum size. Anyways it's fixed.

Liara: I had increased the size of the latest page to 25 entries before it starts bumping the old ones off. That is why you're still up at 12. I'm not sure why you got that invalid account error. If it happens again. Let me know.
Saturday, February 19, 5600 - The Art of Graphs
You may have noticed a new option on the browse page. I've added statistics to the Book-Keeper, it's in it's early stages but I wanted to put in the base components. Right now it displays how many books you've read by month. I have plans to add more information. The graphs are dynamically generated and will update on the fly when you add new entries to your list. Cool? I think so.
Wednesday, March 19, 2003 - Up and Running...Brand Spanking New
Looks different, doesn't it? However, most of the changes are internal and you can't see them. I redsigned the entire program from ground up and the back-end code is a lot easier for me to work with now. This allows me to fix things faster, as well as add new features for you all.

However, not all changes were internal. I have added the following features that you may find interesting:

Themes - You can now change the entire look with one switch. (Pending creation of new themes)
Column Views - You can change which columns show up in the list.
Series Index - Not sure why I didn't do this earlier. This allows bookKeeper to sort with series correctly.
Speed - Not noticably faster, but theoretically, we should run a little more quickly.

Since there have been so many changes, I would like your help in finding bugs and anomalies that show up. Just simply add the defect through the bug tracker component I added. Feel free to use it for feature requests as well. If you have suggestions that could make the Book-Keeper better, I'd like to hear it.
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