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let's see...I lurk. a lot. I started my lurking career at PoP sometime in fall '98 thanks to noire. I had started reading WoT a long time before then, but I didn't like it much, so I stopped. I still don't like it much actually, but I read them all mainly so I would know what the other people were always talking about *l*

onto more basic info. my name is Christy, age 20 (for a few more weeks anyway), very much a pisces, and a third year student of Japanese and Animal Science & Management at the University of California at Davis. hobbies include anime, horses, japanese music, reading (if I ever have time for it again), and collecting information (no, I'm not a stalker *g* I just like to know things like when people's birthdays are and what handles they use in the chat). I went to high school with noire, dragonkitty, mikel, goose, and a few others you may see occasionally.

um...can't really think of anything else relevant to say. see you all around :)