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My name is Ty(rone) and I am 29 year old from sunny Southern California. I first joined this community back in November of 1997 when we were all at Druid's Pacific Pages. My handle in those days was High Inquisitor Gaidin. I took a year-long absence in 1999 to negotiate some rather dramatic changes in my personal life, and upon my return in 2000 I adopted the handle, The Ancient Name. After a bit, the oldbies were calling me HIG or HIGGY, and the newbies were calling me TAN. So I settled on my current moniker, TAN-HIG.

I have enjoyed the various friendships I have made with so many people across the globe through this online community. Since those original Druid days, I have followed each of the various splinter communities that have developed from it, including Carrie's awesome site here.

When I first arrived on the scene, I was a 25 year old married minister. Today I am a 29 year old gay political activist....but really, not a lot has changed *l*.

In truth, many things have changed and some surprising things have stayed the same. The biggest difference in my mind, is the fact that I am constantly and unwaveringly happy in my life these days. The freedom to not only be oneself, but to also have pride in one's own human dignity, value, and capacity to love, has proved to be the single most important factor in developing a content and happy soul in my experience.

I am actively involved in my community, both politically and socially. I have a wonderful partner of two years, Scott, with whom I plan to spend the rest of my days.

I don't post as much as I should here at FFF, but I love reading every single post and becoming familiar with the evergrowing number of new (relatively speaking) faces. This is a truly warm community, and Im glad to have been a part of its many permutations over the years.

To those who know me, thanks for being bright points in my life. To those whom I have not become acquainted...beware! *g* Seriously, I am laidback, down-to-earth, saucy (some might say crass, perverted or any number of other jealousy-driven slurs *wg*) but most important friendly, open and sincere. Hope to get to know you soon!