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I'll keep this short and sweet. if anybody's gonna read through all the bios, it'll take forever. Some one should make a bio page (I don't mind

too much).

I'm 23, In my last semester of University (Computer Science), Live in Ottawa. Canada. I'm a programmer specializing in C++/Java - Object-Oriented

languages...but I fiddle with a lot of different languages too, like Perl, VB, ...

Hobbies.: Basketball, Games, Anime, and Reading...

Been around here a long time, yes, I am one of the ancients. I help with some of the maintenance around the site on occassion, I mostly handle

the cgi and web programming along with Ceralic. I also wrote the bibliography collector, I really need a new name for that thing...Its an online

service to keep track of the numerous books one has read.

And its the year of the Horse, woohoo, my year!!