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Hello. I am Patrick Hayes, age 23, your friendly resident Kansan, who hasn't been posting much of anything lately. Life for me is rather a storm at the moment....

Now entering my eighth month of unhappy unemployment, I am a former telemarketer and grocery sacker, as well as an erstwhile college student. New horizons are always there, if one but only looks...and I may go apply at our local ice rink tomorrow. (40 degrees in September. That's like a dream. *weg @ Jojo*) I am also in the continuing process of discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, and actively seeking a return to my college education.

I'm a bit of an odd duck, I think, devoted to reading and writing and eliminating colonies of Zerg with tactical nuclear weaponry. But despite all my cultivated eccentricities I think I am a fairly sane person. I live with my little sister in a small apartment on Wichita's East Side, where we are currently feeding an increasing number of friendly stray cats.

My favorite fantasy authors are George R. R. Martin and Robert Jordan, my favorite band is Iron Maiden, and my favorite movie is The Hunt for Red October. I am an avid ancient history buff, a Trekkie, and a lover of food. Not necessarily good food, mind you, just food.

And that's me! I think. Hmm....