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My real name is Jennifer, and I'm a senior at St. Mary's College of California where I'm majoring in English and Minoring in French. I'm not around as much as I used to be, having escaped my parents' house (we live in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no public-tansporation) and discovered what it's like to have entertaining things to do that keep me busy. Unfortunately that means other things, such as reading novels and posting a lot have fallen by the wayside.

I move in a very liberal (even for the California Bay Area) crowd which is a happy group for me as I tend to be fairly open-minded towards beliefs and life-styles I wouldn't embrace myself. For the most part my friends and I get together and dance. We do Irish Ceili, Victorian Ballroom, English Country and some modern ballroom, including stuff like swing and cross-step waltzing. On weekends, during the various seasons, I can be found working Renaissance Faires or the Dicken's Fair where I (conveniently enough) dance only now I'm being trained up as a hairbraider.

When I'm not out with my friends, at faire, or in class I'm probably at work.

I went to high school with several other people who frequent the board, including Vel, DK, Goose, Jat, and Saturn.