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Let's see what's there to know about me: ***warning content may cause sleepyness***

the on-line me:

My real name is Hans, but I am somewhat better known around PoP, PoL, FFF & Cyberia as Yorrick, but I started at PoP as Schaduw (dutch for Shadow btw) later Joker was added and after a conversation with an fellow Shakespeare- and in particular Hamlet-afficionado, I changed my handle to Yorrick. when PoP closed I thought it somewhat inappropriate to continue Yorrick as handle and used the handle Lostboy for a time (only a few people know what I really meant with that handle.)after that I went back to Yorrick but with the distinction that I only use Yorrick at PoL and the recently re-opened PoP. At FFF I started using Nightowl, a nick given to me by a good on-line friend. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of PoP's (now PoL's & FFF's) european chatters in the flesh at EWoT-2000 and EWoT-2001 (EWoT-2002 will be next June). As for posting or chatting, I never posted much anyway but I like to read the posts which subject lines intrigue me *g* and as for chatting in comparsion to a year and half back I rarely chat anymore occassionaly I'll drop in and lurk a bit (this goes for all three sites btw not just FFF)

The real me:

I am Dutch, I live in Leeuwarden, capital of the province Fryslân in the North of the Netherlands. (200 km North-NorthEast of Amsterdam)where I ended up after studying History and Pedagogy. After ending the studies I taught History for two years at what most here would call highschool, allthough I liked working with the pupils I got fed up with everchanging rules of the ministry of education I began feeling more and more like a social worker (no offense intended to those that are) than a history teacher and I quit my job. a few months later I got the opportunity to follow a course in webdesign and jumped to it. I completed the course with honours despite being marked at the beginning of the course as the student with the least computerknowledge *g*. After a few months a freelancer I got hired and was ask to stay permanently as webdesigner and computer-jack-of-all-trades at a local Library for Philosophy, History, Sociology and Theology. It's a relaxed job that pays well and lets me have a lot of spare time. *g* what more does one want? *g* I like reading Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Non Fiction, History etc. my all time favorite Fantasy / Science Fiction writer is Jack Vance. My favorite book of his are:
- in Fantasy The Lyonesse Trilogy
- in Science Fiction Planet of Adventure (a.k.a. Tschai.)

fallen asleep already? sorry *g*

btw for those interested the quote in the subject line is from G.W.F. Hegel, My boss quoted it when I let Him and the Library borrow my Nightowl logo (slightly altered though) for an upcoming convention