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Hi. I'm Mark. I'm often in chat, but rarely read the boards. I've been chatting since chat happened on PoP, so since before college. I took several 'breaks' of almost a year during college, due to abysmal internet connections. Then I finished college, and got DSL. Cha-ching.

I usually stay quiet unless I have something in particular to say. Opinion is divided on whether this counts as lurking, and I like it that way. Keeps people on their toes. Other things I like include music (varied), computer games (especially console RPGs and sneaky games like Thief) and other stuff.

I'm making a distinct effort not to mention anything that's likely to change over time, so I never have to update. It's not laziness; it's efficiency.

Goals: Spiritual enlighenment through world travel, learning, and protecting the world from evil kung fu masters and zombies