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: Hi, I'm Liara, or Jessica IRL. I'm 18 and I just graduated from high school, so now, actually a month from today, I am going to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Well, I was going to post on the new thread but this will save me time *l*. I'm 20 now and a sophomore at LC...I love it here :-).

I want to major in physics *:-@Steve* and become an astronomer.

Still true *g* I've actually declared my major now, and I'm also planning on minoring in music.

I discovered PoP last June when I was supposedly doing research for my health class and I've been addicted ever since. I chat at PoP a lot, but I rarely read the board and even more rarely post on it. I just can't make sense of the WoT theories. A few months, I guess, after I found PoP someone gave me the addy for FFF. This is much more fun than trying to figure out who killed you-know-who, IMO *g*.

I haven't been to PoP/PoL in a long time...this is my home now.

: In terms of books my favorite fantasy series of all time is Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince. I also really like WoT, Anne McCaffrey, Guy Gavriel
: Kay, Lloyd Alexander, Harry Potter (although I've only read the first book), and I read some science fiction as well. Plus, I get three magazines, and I'm still reading those from last October...*sigh*

Add GRRM to that list. I finished HP and loved it of course...hmm...can't think of any other books right now. I finally caught up with those magazines over break, but now they're catching up to me again...

: Um, what else? I'm a classical music geek, I play the cello, and I especially love chamber music. Camp starts in...an hour and a half! I work in
: concessions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I like French films. I just (last month) joined a BB-based WoT RP that I'm having a lot of fun
: with. I used to be engaged (online only) to Rhodric, but I broke it off. I discovered ICQ a month or so ago and I will never get anything done again! *l* I think that's all I have to say...but of course I will think of something as soon as I hit "post". Oh well! Happy
: posting/chatting/ICQing/everything...

Still playing cello, have also discovered African marimba. Obviously I can't work at Shakespeare when I'm in Portland, but I do have a job as a math tutor. Quit that RP and then joined Visions *g*. ICQ is still distracting. Oh yes, and I met my most wonderful boyfriend here *bg*. He's standing right behind me actually, so I'm going now. Bye Freaks!


: Liara Sedai of the Brown Ajah
: AKA LadySunrunner
: Bonded to Lefty Gaidin
: Member of House Hufflepuff
: Alle's little sister