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The name Lannie is derived from Lanfear, as the Wheel of Time series was my favourite fantasy series when I started coming to FFF. I found PoP when I was doing a search for all things WoT related and I became a regular there about five minutes after I found it. I guess that was about four years ago. I started coming to FFF not too long after I think, mostly due to Caly and Alle. I used to be an internet junkie, but I haven't regular access for a while now. I just bought a new computer, so I'm back and looking to chat. *g*

As for personal info, I'm 25, brown hair, blue eyes, not tall and live in Canada. I have a Bachelor of Science in biology (anthropology minor), and a diploma in medical lab technology. One of the reasons I took the MLT program was it had a job placement rate of 99.9%. The program definitely came through for me as I had a job 3 months before I graduated. So far I like my job, so hopefully this was the right choice.

Other than work, I like to sew, paint, go for walks or bike rides, play hockey, go bowling... I like to read, of course. As for fantasy, I like WoT, A Song of Ice and Fire and the Daughter of the Empire series (READ IT!). In the non-fantasy section, I like Diana Gabaldon, Jean Auel, Anne Rice, Patrica Cornwell and Kathy Reichs. I'm big on medical thrillers and waste a lot of time reading trashy romance novels with happy endings. I used to use the excuse that a little light reading was needed after a clinical chemistry textbook, but now I'll have to admit the truth: I like them *g*.

Happy chatting.