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Hi. My name is Kel. I am a Fantasy Freak.

Life as me. I'm 37. Divorced with two great kids 12 and 9 3/4's. I live alone but my kids spend a few days a week hanging with me.

I first got into Fantasy books because my mom's best friend gave me the Hobbit for my 10th birthday. I devoured it and never looked back. My favorite author is Patricia McKillip. My Favorite book(s) is Riddlemaster.

My love for books is eclipsed by my love of music. I am a music snob. I love bands that are outside the mainstream. Either long standing bands that people just haven't clued into yet, or up-and-coming bands that deserve the spotlight that has so far eluded them. I have, quite frankly, got better taste in music than you do. I make no apologies for that. Live with it.

I work at the Tech. helpdesk of a community University in Surrey, BC. Computers are what I do because they pay the bills. When I was in highschool I dreamed of being an English teacher and/or a famous writer. So far, my only true claim to fame is my poetry which I have been trying to get published in a nice hardbound edition for about 3 years now. Financial issues have thus far kept that from happening. I'm up for a promotion at work this month, so think good thoughts.

Right now the biggest, most frustrating thing, that life as me is... is lonely. and I am growing increasingly tired of the feeling. I am drowning in this melancholy. Someone shoot me. please.


tears of a clown....