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My real name is Julie. But I still use Julival (typically all lowercase, because i'm a lazy short-fingered typist and people around here are used to it). julival is the handle i started with at Pages of Prophecy (to which we affectionately refer as PoP. You'll find that we acronym everything - which is great for lazy typists) a precursor to this site. PoP had another precursor, but i wasn't around then, so i have no nostalgia for it. PoP was also mainly a Wheel of Time site that had a rather tumultuous life and is still around out there in the great world of the Web. I'll let Caly (our lovely hostess) fill you in on the origins of FFF (our lovely new home).

Many of us have known each other for a few years now. We've had various social gatherings (you can see lots of evidence of that, i'm sure), we write real letters to each other, exchange gifts, call each other on the phone, chat in whatever chat happens to be functioning on any given day, or just post randomly. Some are more involved, some less. It's a community that can grow on you if you want it to, or just be there for the occasional entertainment if you don't. :-)

Wait, this is supposed to be about me, isn't it? *l* silly me. how could i possibly forget that. I'm also middle aged, married, child-ed, dog-ed, live(d) in the Eastern United States, in case that wasn't apparent. I'm 37, have two sons - a 6th grader and a second grader, an airedale terrier named Fred (he's 6), and a cute funny cpa spouse. I started my post college life as a biochemist for the NIEHS (part of NIH), went off on the mommy track for a number of years, went back to school and got my certification to teach high school chemistry, taught high school chemistry, hated it, and am now back on the 'what next?' track.

I grew up in central North Carolina, was a tarheel born, bred, and will be dead, moved to central Ohio in '95, and have been a pseudo-midwesterner for the last almost 7 years.

I also read pretty much anything - non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, spy novels, cop novels, horror, sci-fi, the very occasional oprah style book, and (right now, in fact) the occasional bodice ripper posing as historical fiction. *g* my spouse is the history lover in the family. he goes through phases. he had a roman history phase, a civil war phase, an american west phase, etc. i'm not sure that he is currently in a particular historical phase atm (at the moment),though.

I'm not as widely read in fantasy as most of the people here, but i have a HUGE 'to read' list as a result of hanging out here and i'm slowly but surely conquering it. i think of all the fantasy i've read the past few years, i'm most attached to George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

So there you have it. The synopsis of me.

oh, and i'm a cusp libra, bottle blonde (was a natural at one time *l*), with green eyes, who loves long walks on the beach, cpa's with goatees, and being very silly. *bg*


Julie - resident clarifier when needed.

Update August, 2002:

I got a job that started right after Labor Day, 2002 (that's early sept. if you aren't up on your US holidays). i'm a secretary for a small business now. part-time hours so i'm only at work while my sons are at school.

i'll be 38 next month. i had a great summer vacation to washington DC with a bunch of freaks. you can read all about it and see pictures here

my current read is Isle of Battle by Sean Russell. i like it now. it took me some time to get into it, but i did and i like it.