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Okay then! :)

I'm Jojo. That's *not* to be confused with Jojoval or any of the varieties. I am my own person! *g* Don't let them try to convince you otherwise.... My real name is Jolene, and Jojo was a nickname that I acquired in highschool, and then later on out of highschool. It started by a classmate who was cute enough to get away with it - initially I didn't like it. It sounds like a trained circus chimp name! But she was adorable so I let her, and then more people, who were likewise adorable started, and now I don't mind any more, though I still like Jo a bit better. I answer to Jo, Jojo, Jolene, and Blue (short for Bluedolfyn, which is my handle on every other board I go to.)

I've been here for a while - Since '99? 2000? '99, I think. My first home on the 'net fizzled out and I was homeless for a while, found PoP, never did become a regular there, but thanks to a link to an older FFF site I found this place and have been here ever since. :) I still consider this to be a small board, even though it's really not any more.

I'm located in Massachusetts (one of only two Massachusetts residents, I think, here at FFF), am not middle-aged, but am dog-ed... I'm 23, currently unemployed but trying diligently to get me a part time job. Technically I'm supposed to be working on writing, but, uh, that was before my DAoC (Dark Ages of Camelot) addictions, and now I'm battling Metris addictions.

Favorite author is Charles de Lint... rivaling him for God of Creativity space is Joss Whedon of Buffy/Angel fame - and I *am* a Buffy and Angel fanatic. :) I too read anything - right now I'm in a mild fantasy slump and am focusing more on non-fiction historical stuff, specifically Ancient Greek and Mesopatamian (though that just started) as well as Eastern philosophies and religions. I'm Reiki I certified, working towards getting my II, and *g* I'm a Virgo/Libra cusp baby :)

And I think I'm all intro'd out. I feel silly posting an introduction *here* of all places *giggle*

Welcome to any and all new faces!!!!! :)