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I really hope this is coherent, because my head is one big fuzzy/dizzy/wanting to explode mess.

My real name is Jennifer, bet you couldn't figure that out, huh? *l* I've been around since the olden days of Druid's pacific pages. How long ago was that? I don't feel like trying to remember just now. That was back when I actually liked and cared about WoT. *lol* Now.....well, now I doubt I'll buy the next WoT book in hardback. I haven't even read Winter's Heart yet. The series has just fizzled out for me. I moved onto PoP with everyone else, starting talking to Caly over icq (back when I actually still used it. heh.) and followed her on over to FFF, which is the most bestest place by far. *g* Boy, has this place grown!

I'm married (9 years this April), have two kids (6 and 7), one dog (will be 1 next month), and two cats (about 7 months old). I live just outside Sacramento, CA. I want to move away from CA, but all my friends and family are here. I still attend school (very much part time this semester). My goal is to be teaching high school civics.... hopefully by the time my own kids are in high school.

I'm currently in the middle of reading the Great book of Amber and enjoying it immensely. I've recently gotten into scrapbooking through Creative Memories; it's so much fun! My husband and I share the same birthday, only he was born 4 years earlier in '69. We're both Geminis.... if that means anything *shrug* *l*

and that's all.