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Okay I'll try to write a better organized post than the one below. :-)

My name is Jennifer. The handle 'Jeffiner' comes from a friend of mine who, eons ago, called me that. The brown color was a suggestion when I first started hanging out on line and it sort of stuck. I'm a brown kind of girl I guess. :-) I'm 31 years old, very much a Scorpio not on any cusp, and have recently fallen in love with a wonderful Taurus named Shawn. We met back in September via an on-line match service but our relationship has been totally one of 'in person'. He lives about 14 miles from me.

After spending tons of time getting my BS in Nutrition, I was too poor to live on my own and had to move back in with my parents. However this is going to change in the next 4-6 weeks as I prepare to move in with Shawn. Both fun and scary. I've been single most of my 31 years. But he's a wonderful man. He's never been married (like me), no kids, 30 (yep ... robbing the cradle :-)) and can build houses, has a steady job and a town home. Believe me these are all good qualities compared to some of the guys I've dated. *l*

Okay what else. Online history. I came from Pages of Prophecy as well. I sort of found that community in November 1998 after book, erm, 7? 8? of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series came out. I had just read it and wanted to find other opinions about the series other than just my friend in the area. I still like the series but also have the frustration everyone else has over the series that it takes too long.

I'm a very late comer to the fantasy world in general. I got my first 'fantasy' book for my 27th birthday ... the first Jordan book. I read a lot but not in that genre. I did read and loved Douglas Adams but he's definately more sci-fi than fantasy.

I work for a living in customer service for Medtronic ... love the company, ok with the job. But one of the great things about the company is that once you are in they really want to keep you. so I'm working with that theory.

Hmm. I feel like I left out something major but since I have dinner plans with my boyfriend and it is 5pm and I can leave work it will just have to wait.

so that's me!