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Jarihn, Chichiri, Rija Sienn, Zephyranthes, and many others are all names you may occasionally see me under, but do not be fooled, they all refer to the same Evil W... I mean me, Adam Higley.

I'm a five-year veteran with this community now... I love the sound of that. I'm age 20, and studying computer science at Portland State University, living with my parents and sister in Beaverton, OR.

Hobbies include gaming, anime, kendo, building model mecha, and of course reading (mainly fantasy and some science fiction). I also passively keep an eye on the Seattle Mariners, and routinely hope for something special from the Portland Trail Blazers; sooner or later one of them is bound to live up to my expectations. I've been around through a lot of changes in this community, and the members (myself included), since joining Druid's pacificpages forum as a high school freshman. Whoa. Here at FFF I guess I use the board rather infrequently (though I read it often enough), but between the chat and ICQ it's not too much trouble to get my attention. I'm very easy to distract if you pick any one of the topics listed above and get me to start talking about it. I've also got my own online GSE (a catchphrase of my own design, RPG just doesn't explain it!) in Visions of Sea and Sky, which has now been around for a whole year, as well as a boatload of my favorite music set up under "Project Listen" you can flip through if you're bored. Either of those will get me talking as well.

You WILL see me around.

You think I'm done? Raoul wants some of this mad bio action too. My dark side needs to get out more, I'm thinking. BWAAAA HAHAHAHAHA!