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i haven't been here for quite a year yet, tho people sometimes seem surprised when they realize that. i guess that's because i just rather jumped right on in here as soon as i was introduced and forced people to acknowledge me. *l* now i feel like i've been here forever, although i am very quickly reminded otherwise when people start reminiscing about old times and i have only the vaguest idea what they are talking about. *l* i am in my second year of college at lewis & clark college in portland, oregon, where i room with jessica/liara, who i am forever grateful to for bringing me here. i am originally from california, two very small towns. grew up in one called oregon house, which pretty much had one grocery store and that's about it. *l* lived there for fifteen years until i moved to grass valley. according to velessa, visiting me there is like going camping, but after living in oregon house most of my life it seems pretty big to me. *l*

even though liara was the person who brought me here, i have met more freaks in real life than she has. this is largely because of the advantage of my location.....when i was back home in california last summer there was a gathering being held a mere 4 hours away from my house, so i tagged along at the last minute, and realized that i am not completely antisocial, i just don't care to hang out with most of the people i meet in real life. *l* takes a certain kind of freak to get me out of my shell. *nods* of course i do have many wonderful friends from oregon house and grass valley, so i suppose that is not the complete truth, but i find i often feel a certain affinity with freaky type people that i don't get from, say, the people i meet at school. hmm, that was a bit of a tangent. this is going to end up being more rambly than i had intended.

what to say, what to say? i am an unenthusiastic philosophy major (because hey, schools usually make you major in something) and would eventually like to go into teaching, despite the horror stories i've heard around here. i don't want to do high school, anyways. i much prefer the littluns. third to fifth grade would be ideal for me, but hey, i might change my mind, it happens a lot.

i've always enjoyed fantasy, but wasn't really a regular reader of it until i came to the FFF, mainly because i never knew which authors and series to seek out. now i have more recommendations than i will ever have time for. *g* i have always loved reading and books in general, of many genres, tho i am not too interested in non-fiction usually (bah to reality i say).

there are currently three other freaks sitting in my room. liara, my roommate, is sitting on my bed doing her homework. arakasi, her boyfriend, is lounging on our futon reading. jade, my freaky visitor/pseudo roommate while li is otherwise occupied, is sitting in my wonderful lovely comfy chair reading. what does this have to do with introducing myself? not a whole lot, really, i'm just not quite ready to stop rambling yet. i still attest that i am allergic to mush, but i haven't been giving jess and chris too much trouble over their displays of mushy-gushiness on this particular visit, as i suppose i'm not really allowed to anymore. *sigh* it was so much fun while it lasted, though. the object of my (completely non-mushy, of course) affection is in georgia, but he will be here in a bit under a month.

and now i am all rambled out. jade and i are going to see the brotherhood of the wolf tonight. has anybody seen that? how completely grossed out am i going to be? *dislikes bloody gorey stuff*