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All right, life as ME:

my real name's Ingrid, and I live (currently) in Vancouver. That's kind of temporary. I was born in Halifax, on the other side of Canada, but I moved to Australia when I was 6, lived there 12 or 13 years (without ever losing my accent). Then university came around, and I felt like leaving Oz, so I headed to UBC in Vancouver, and here I am! So, because my parents are American, I am now a triple citizen - I have 3 passports and everything, which is really useful *nods*

ok, now that I've explained that stuff... I was a really arts person most of my life, and always loved reading, got into fantasy at age 10 and never looked back (I have my brother to thank *g*). However, in grade 11 I took a strange liking to physics (I like understanding the universe), so I took some more, then went to university, joined the faculty of Arts but took some more physics as an elective... and now I'm a physics major. Actually, I'm a physics co-op, which means in 4 months I'll start working somewhere, and I'll integrate work terms around school terms for the next 4 years. But I had a real interest in writing for a while, and I've produced a couple smallish novels. I've had a big writers block for a few years though (maybe the physics did it to me) so I'll go back to them one day later, and maybe try for publication.

I discovered the origin of this place (PoP, a WoT-fansite) in April 99 during easter break, and I had no idea how to chat or post, but tried it anyway, and was hooked! From then on, I was sneaking in time during free periods in the school library *g* The community's moved around a bit, but now here I am, with many of the people I originally met back then... So 3 1/2 years, god knows what I'd have done without this place...

anyway. That's me! I can't think of anything I've left out... except that I've been obsessed with Babylon5 in the past, and am currently obsessed with Buffy and very much obsessed with Stargate *nods* favourite series is SoIaF by GRRM... but university doesn't give me much time to read =(

all right, someone else's turn!