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Actually, I hate writing introductory posts cause I never have anything to say *lol* I guess that's the lurker in me talking right there. These are a VERY good way to get to know people, though. That's why I'm typing atm *g* I know that not all people like chatting/can chat, so the chatting (or lurking *s*) non-posters must be strangers to them...

I've been around the Internet since 1995. Mainly because that's when the local library got online, and you could book the computer for an hour at a time to surf the 'net.*lol* Everything was so new and shiny then *l* At that time I hadn't even heard of WoT, even though I was an avid reader of fantasy (and sci-fi), still am in fact *g* Would I be here otherwise? But back then I didn't read that many English books, because the library only had about 200 of them and I was too cheap to go out and BUY books. Heh, funny how things have turned out, huh? So. 1996. The year I first read The Eye of the World. I had to start that book twice, because the first time I though it was boring as ... *g* But when I picked it up for the second time, I was so bored, that even reading a bad book seemed like a good thing to do. Better than hanging around the barracks doing nothing, I thought.*l* By the time I had finished it, I was SO addicted. In fact, it made me go out and buy the rest of the books. In English.

I think this was around the time A Crown of Swords came out... Anyways, I was dying to know what other people thought of the series and since I didn't know anyone who actually read books, I thought I should check some websites. And there were quite a few of them *lol* I must have sent weeks reading "The FAQ", cause I could only stay online for a an hour at a time (I still used the library connection) and by this time other people had discovered that they liked this new little service the library provided. And they only had 2 computers *l* I had read posts on some of the bbs, but the one I chose was the Wheel of Time Alliance bb. I don't know what made me choose that one, but it became my home on the internet. Until one day it was there no more.

Oh my, I think I'm rambling *g* To make a long story short, after a while of waiting for WoTA to get back online it became obvious that that wouldn't happen. So I ended up following some of the WoTAist to Shadowkiller's Pages of Prophecy. (By the time this happened, Druid's had already closed as well) So, a few old friends and a lot of new acquaintances *g* All of them raving about Chat 2 and sharing stories of their daily lives. At first I ignored the off topic posts, but you can only read the "Who killed Asmo?" arguments so many times. That's when I begun reading all the posts. Which I still do, even if they're about a subject that I don't care about *lol* The only posts I avoid are spoilers. And suddenly I found myself wanting to try this "Chat 2". I had tried chatting at WoTA, but that just took way too much time when you only had an hour at a time to use, and a whole board of posts to read. Unfortunately (fortunately) by now I had a computer and access to the internet, so I thought "Why not give it a go, it's not like I'd get addicted to it or something." Yeah, right. And the rest is history. *lol* Oh, this was summer 1998 (in case anyone wanted to know).

Haven't stopped chatting since *s* When in chat I use the handle hurtta or you might see me use my real name, Jani. And yes, that IS a male name in Scandinavia *l* At one point I had a few other handles as well, but I hardly ever use those anymore. Well a little more than a few. I think I started the Handle Wars *l* Or was it Lee? Caly? I can't remember. Poor Christy. Trying to keep up with the handles when I forgot half of the ones I registered...

I've been here from the day it opened, I think. *l* At least Caly made sure everyone knew the addy. Here wasn't here back then, of course. Or was it? I can't remember adresses, so I just bookmark them. I might actually have some of the old boards bookmarked still *l* I dont' think those links work anymore, do they? Yup. Every day was an adventure. You never knew where the board was *g* So I'm exaggerating a little...

I think this is the part where I'm supposed to mention the lovely Aes Sedai I'm bonded to. Or she'll never let me forget that I forgot *lol* Has it really been almost 2 years already? I can't believe time has gone by so fast. I'm the only member from Alleandra's first threesome of warders that survided to be in the second threesome *l* She sure is one dangerous lady. You'd better not mess with her. Remember, the claws are sharp *weg*

In real life I'm not bonded to anyone *g* As you may have heard, I'm the Bad Finn. I'm 24 and live in Southern Finland. Oh, my whole name is Jani Koski. And to get a good idea of just how imaginative I am, my original handle at WoTA was Jani al'Koski... How, oh how did I ever come up with an original name like that? *l* My life is pretty dull, so I won't bore you with the details. No igloo building or polar bear hunting here. *l* And this had probably been the longest post I have ever written.

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