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Currently going through a Jedi phase and using the handle ObiWanGilobi *g*. I'm the resident worst typist (or should that be typoist? *l*.)
I was born in New Zealand, but when I was nine I moved to Israel. Now I'm in the states *l* in Baltimore. Basically I'm babysitting my behind off. *l* In a year and a half I'll hopefully leave the states, but I'm not positive where I'll be after that. I get to visit home in a month. (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!)

Lets see.... what do I read? It's almost exclusively fantasy or scifi, I think. I'll read a mystery or a thriller if I'm really desperate. My favourite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Raymond Feist, David Gemmel and most recently, Robin Hobb. (I'm currently in Hobb withdrawl...what do I read now? nothing'll match up to the quality....)

and of course I'm bonded to the purple bird... he shows himself in chat sometimes but not here really *bg*