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i'm elle aka eleanor, resident new zealander with wierd pizza taste. :)

favourite authors include feist, marillier, gabaldon, pratchett and sort of jordan.

i'm 20, and in the third year of my history degree. i love playing with computers but after a short stint doing computer science have decided that playing with them is all i want to do *g*

ummmm..... i eventually hope to become some kind of history professor perhaps... my chosen field would ideally be non-existant places such as randland and middle earth, but will likely end up american history or 20th century history *l* i also study politics. :)

my toes, ankles, calf muscles, knees and thighs are really achy and i shudder to think what they will be like tomorrow morning *practices more kicks and feels mighty pleased with herself* *l*

it's 1am and i just got back from seeing an hilarious hypnotist show which was part of university orientation for all the ickle firsties - classes start next week. ugh.

i'm going to bed now. nice to meet you linda and juby newbie! (i think of jubes when i see that name... mmm... unfortunately i have given up junk food *cries* and there was heaps of free junk food being given out today and i didn't have any! *proud*)