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Since I post too seldom on here, and followup only slightly more (sorry, but I have my other usual hangout, though all of you are lovely), and there's someone new, why not give a truly proper introduciton?

My name is George. I grew up in quaint little Grass Valley, CA, but after twenty years it was just plain too quiant, so I up and moved to Portland, mostly on Leslie/janalei's suggestion. After the move here she got me hooked on this board. I think it was rather a good thing. We also knew each other from high school. I heart her.

I'd say that I really got hooked on fantasty (though I never have been able to get into this thing we call reality) since I read the first volume of Magician by Feist when I was almost fifteen. From there it's been a flurry of Tolkien, Jordan, Goodkind, Feist, and so very much more. I tend also the read tons of sci-fi, which leads to more Card, Le Guin, and such. I have a penchant for anthologies. They're like boxed chocolates; sampling various authors is a wonderful gamble. I think my new favorite is Neil Gaiman. I have managed to read most things you can get your hands on since I was loaned a copy of Good Omens. He makes me want to use British spellings, British slang, and properly learn an English accent. And even live in London one of there days.

(Christopher Rice is also a rather good author, but I don't gather many of you would fancy gay ficiton. And while not sf/f, it is terribly well written.)

I live in a nice one bedroom apartment in a not so nice neighborhood with my cat. I do not drive because California determined I am no longer fit to do so, and I don't feel Oregon would be too keen on granting me a license. I have a new boyfriend who, as luck would have it, works across the street from my workplace. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of you here who maintain long distance relationships, and feel blessed I can see my other on a lunch break.

Oh, I work at DoubleTree Hotel as Espresso Cashier. Which is slightly misleading as I do more seating in the resaurant than making coffee. They are slowly training me as a waiter, but more often than that knock me down to busser for a night. My handle comes from when I worked at a coffeeshop back home. I also wear much black. I trust you can put two and two together.

I also like to write a little, and never do enough of it. Since I am not currently a student (and haven't been since high school), I have far too much free time. Which I gather most of you would dearly enjoy, while a squander it. I should knock that off and read and write more. Or possible devise a way to share it out...? Hm. A new project to do in my spare time.

I am a Cancer who fits the mold too well, have a huge crush on Elijah Wood, enjoy walking in thunderstorms, going to diners at 3:am, listening to bands you've never heard of, and I have scars from espresso machines, pruning shears, and being dropped on my head as a small child. I hope that will help explain a few things.