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*shakes off the dust* Well, if Kel can return, I can (again.. what is this.. 4 or 5 times now?) too. *g* So, here I am.

My real name's Bryan. I've used the handle Ceralic for a long, long time (9-ish years), but it actually came into common usage when I entered the WOTA and Pacific Pages communities, way back when. I met Caly when I first came to Dru's place, and she was nice and funny, so I stayed. *g* Since then, I've pretty much followed the same group from community to community. When Caly first told me she was starting her own fantasy discussion community, I offered her the use of some space on my web server and various scripting services. Unfortunately, there were problems a few weeks after and the FFF moved. For better or worse, though, I remained attached to some of the programming aspects of the community. Thus, when people got really sick of using BeSeen's chats, I coded up a new one. That very same program is still used today, after being debugged to some extent by Tai, Jar, and myself. I'm so proud. *g*

When I'm not wasting my time programming or pretending to be an internet guru (which is actually taking up less and less of my time), I do.. quite a lot of varied things. I'm at Arizona State University majoring in political science and minoring in mathematics and Chinese. I waver between actually enjoying it here and mourning the circumstances which prevented me from going to the other schools I was accepted to (University of Pennsylvania and University of Chicago, in particular). Occasionally, class and homework take up a bit of time. *g* I also engage in academics outside of the university, including my constant attempt to add to my list of known languages (which currently includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Irish & Scottish Gaelic, Latin, and some Chinese and Ancient Greek, which I'm working on).

Outside of schoolwork, I read a lot in just about any genre. I own somewhere between 1200 and 1500 books, and have probably read a couple thousand or more. I really do enjoy fantasy and the occasional bit of sci-fi. My most recent readings, however, have included Barbara Tuchman's The Proud Tower, a couple of Henry Kissinger's lengthy compositions about foreign policy, three works by Jean-Paul Sartre ("No Exit," "The Flies," and Politics and Literature), Camus's L'etranger, and several books by P.G. Wodehouse, who my roommate introduced me to. I'm currently about halfway through Christopher Rice's The Snow Garden, which I've only been able to put down because I have four or five essays to write this week. It's as spectacular as I expected after reading the amazing A Density of Souls late last year.

Umm, oh yeah. I play the piano with moderate success. I've been playing for several years, but it's all been self-taught, so.. I think I'm only mediocre. I don't do that as much anymore, instead choosing to work out nearly every day, or at least play frisbee or racquetball.

Wow, I've been babbling for a while. I guess that pretty much sums me up, though.

Ceralic the Verbose