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Now you get to read even more rambles from me. I suppose the FFF history hinted at some of my personal past, but this will be about me and not the FFF, even though the two are intertwined.

Ok, what first? Everyone is telling their sign, so I guess I can start with that. I am an Aries, even though I don't think I act like one IRL. I do on the 'net sometimes, though. I am much less inhibited on the 'net. I would go so far as to say I am the real me on the 'net and not so much the real me in real life *l*. Oh, and I am a Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac and I think that is much, much cooler than being an Aries.

I am currently a 27 year old (not for long though) student of the Swedish language. Studying Swedish is not my favorite thing to do, but I live in Sweden now, so it is sort of necessary. I feel like I am starting at the end, and I really should be starting at the beginning.

The Beginning:

I was born and raised in a mid-sized hickish community in the mountains of Oregon. I was always an overacheiver and a loner and never liked any of my friends *l*. Thus, I read a lot of books.

I wanted to get away from my family, so I went to college in the middle of Oklahoma. I loved college. I went to a very small private Christian college and totally enjoyed it. I started out as chem major, found out I should minor in math and became a psych major. I decided I didn't want to deal with crazy people so I eventually became an English teacher. Worst descion I ever made.

I moved back to Oregon and subbed for a couple of years while living with my parents. If finally got a teaching job in Astoria, OR (home of the Goonies), and lived totally on my own for three years. Three hellish years. Three years of pain, misery, and torture. Being a high school English teacher is one of the worst things I can think of, at least for me. I strongly discourage anyone from becoming a teacher. Harsh, I guess, but the reality is that American teachers are not treated the way they should be. But that is a whole other rant.

While I was living in Astoria I met this really cool guy here at the FFF. We flirted a little, but I never thought anything could come of it since he lived in Sweden and I lived in the US. Then he got icq and we knew we had to give it a chance, so he visited me in August. And November. And March. And June. I think he really liked me *bg* I know I really liked him.

In January I applied for a residency permit in Sweden b/c we knew it could take until June for the permit to come through. I handed in my resignation and stopped caring about my job (it was quite liberating to stop caring about my job--I think the studnets learned the most when I was being a total bitch). June came and went and I still had no residency permit. I moved in with my grandma in my hometown to wait, and it was horrible. The woman is insane. The good thing: My mom had a nice dog that I walked a lot, so I didn't get too bored. Well, I also stumbled onto the perfect job (co-ordinator for a summer youth drop in center) and that kept me pretty busy as well. I had to lead arts and crafts and sports. I am not good at any of those things, but no one seemed to mind and I had a great time. I really like 4th graders *l*.

Ok, so I finally was able to move to Sweden, and now I am here with my sweet, wonderful, funny, sexy online love--the infamous Mike. I have never been happier in my life even though it is COLD here and people speak Swedish. I go to Swedish class 12 hours a week and will supposedly be ready to be "officially" fluent in May when I take a big national test.

Wow. That was way more info than anyone needed, and I haven't even got to the author part! The fave author section is the most important one, so I will go ahead and add it even though it will make this post even longer *l*.

My three favorite series are Deverry by Katharine Kerr thanks to my dear Mike. I resisted reading it for a long time, but now I am totally converted to the Deverry side. The Seven Waters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier is another one of my favorites. The Empire Series by Feist and Wurts was my favorite for many, many years, but the aforementioned titles have knocked it down a couple of pegs within the past few months. I also love Hobb, Koontz, Cornwell, about anything based in Asia. . . just about anything really. I don't like to read Westerns or True Stories. I will read just about anthing else if it looks good. I just might not finish if it doesn't end up being good. I am a picky reader and have no problem putting down a book after I start it if it is not holding my attention. So many books, so little time to waste on non-intersting books.

Btw, everyone should be happy to note that I am finally reading LoTR. I am almost done with the second chapter and it is now where near as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am enjoying the book (though the prolouge was BORING).