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Well I figured I should finally write one of these. Umm what to say? *l* Alright the basic stuff first. I'm 24 and I live in Calgary, Alberta right now. For anyone who isn't quite sure where that is, that is in the western part of Canada just east of the Rockies. I'm in love with Jessica (Liara) and we're a very happy couple, especially when we're together. (I'll get into how I found this board and her and all that later on) I'm taking electrical engineering at the University of Calgary and plan to graduate in a couple years. (If everything goes according to plan).

I was born in Pointe-a-Pierre Trinidad and moved from there to Rumbai, an oil camp in Indonesia when I was about one. Lived there til I was 11 and then came over to Calgary. Been to a lot of places around the world, except Europe pretty much. All over asia and north america with some africa and australia and south america thrown in. I miss travelling lots. :(

As for my online history I got online for the first time in November of 2000. Well thats not true. I knew about the net for years before then and knew how to navigate and all that. I meant as in finding this community. It started off when I went into Page of Legends and met Rhodric one night in the spoiler chat where we talked about Winters Heart. I didn't see him much around though. Then I talked to a gal named Saiph. We ended up whispering nearly every night in chat there and that went on for about a month.

Finally sometime over christmas break she and Jade urged me to come over to FFF and I did. Soon I was hooked to chatting of course. I got icq soon after and got a bunch of new people on it. One was a girl who I had talked to a few times in chat called Liara. And we all know what that eventually led to. Thank you Saiph. :-)

Saiph and I got bonded sometime in there as well. This was before me and Jess hit it off. Then I hung around a lot online that spring and summer and went to the Vegas meet in june which was fun. Then in august I took my first trip to visit Jessica. I've since visited her in october, november and febuary. And she visited me over xmas break as well as in 3 weeks she is coming here again.

What else to say? Interests of mine of course include reading fantasy as well as playing squash, mountain biking, playing computer games, and doing pretty much anything with Jessica.

My favorite author right now is Steven Erikson. Right behind him is Dorothy Dunnett and George Martin. Next is Feist and then Jordan and Zelazny and Tolkien. Some others are around there too of course. But those are the top of the list.

I really can't think of anything so thats it I guess.

: Arakasi
: Bonded to Saiph