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Yay juliiiival...I love these posts. *g*

Anyway, like many others, I was first at other places. Most notable of those was Dru's board and then PoP. When Caly started up the FFF, I gladly followed since its wonderful to discuss all the other great books and authors out there.

My favorite books and authors are very numerous, although I always have to throw out a verbal endorsement for Dorothy Dunnett, a brilliant writer of historical fiction of the kind that is NOT a bodice ripper disguised as historical fiction *g*.

I started life on the east coast ot the US, and for the past 12 years have resided on the far southwest coast, that is, Hawaii. I have a calico cat and a stack of 100 plus unread books at any one moment.

I guess that's about enough from me. *g* Oh...I will mention that I have known some of these freaks for about 4 years, and yet still remain the most normal person on the board. *s*